12 Quietest SUVS in 2020

2020 BMW X7
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Enjoy a Peacefully Quiet Cabin With These SUVs

Automakers go through a lot of trouble and testing to ensure their vehicles’ respective cabins are hushed at all speeds. Noise, vibration, and harshness, also known in the industry as NVH, are major factors with new vehicles. While how loud an interior is usually plays second fiddle to things like performance, fuel economy, cost, and technology, it’s an important quality that will either have you feeling tired and spent after a long road trip or calm and refreshed.

Usually, quiet cabins are reserved for large luxury vehicles. Higher price tags and larger bodies provide automakers with more leeway to develop quieter cars. It all starts with the exterior styling, where engineers attempt to create aerodynamic vehicles that flow through the air. Engineers also fiddle with the components that move, like the engine, transmission, and brakes, to ensure that they don’t send harsh vibrations, squeals, or noises into the cabin. Then, there’s a large amount of sound-deadening materials and high-tech active noise canceling features to keep things as quiet as possible for passengers on the inside.

The following 12 SUVs in this slideshow are some of the quietest SUVs on the market today. The majority of them are large luxury options, but there are a few more relatively affordable options on the list.

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