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#1 in Luxury Midsize SUVs Overall Score: 9.0 / 10
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2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Overview

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid ranks 1 out of 22 Luxury Midsize SUVs.

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid emulates everything you expect from Porsche: affluence, elegance, and performance. It's both sporty and posh, but there's isn't much room for your belongings in the back, and its fuel economy is lower than what you might expect from a plug-in hybrid.  











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Pros & Cons

  • Stylish and comfortable interior
  • Agile handling
  • Quick acceleration
  • Feature-rich infotainment system
  • Small cargo space
  • Poor fuel economy for a hybrid

Notable for 2017

  • New S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition trim  

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Rankings and Research

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid ranking is based on its score within the Luxury Midsize SUVs category. Currently the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid has a score of 9.0 out of 10 which is based on our evaluation of 50 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.


Overall: 9.0
Critics' Rating: 9.3
Performance: 8.9
Interior: 8.2
Safety: N/A
Reliability: 4_0

2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Pictures

2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Review

By Sarah Shelton June 22, 2017

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid emulates everything you expect from Porsche: affluence, elegance, and performance. It's both sporty and posh, but there's isn't much room for your belongings in the back, and its fuel economy is lower than what you might expect from a plug-in hybrid.  

Is the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid a Good SUV?

The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid is phenomenal when it comes to interior refinements and athletic performance. It's one of the most reliable options in our luxury midsize SUV rankings, and we name it one of the 5 best hybrid SUVs on the market. It's difficult to say how this SUV would fare in a crash, as it has never undergone crash testing.

Should I Buy the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid?

You should buy the 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid if you want the ultimate in performance and polish, not because you want a fuel-sipping SUV. One of its best attributes is its robust powertrain, which delivers authoritative acceleration. Despite its heavy weight and large size, this SUV has no problem getting up to highway and passing speeds.

It's also a good option if the prestige (and corresponding luxury) of owning a Porsche is important to you. The Cayenne E-Hybrid's interior is full of high-quality materials, and its seats are incredibly comfortable. The easy-to-use infotainment system includes high-tech niceties such as impressive smartphone integration technology and a Wi-Fi hot spot.

What the Cayenne Hybrid lacks, however, is cargo space and – for a hybrid – fuel economy. You can remedy both of these shortcomings without lowering your luxury standards by opting for a Tesla Model X instead. This all-electric SUV cuts your fueling and charging costs down by $1,000 a year, while greatly boosting your cargo space.

The Lexus RX Hybrid reduces costs on the front end, thanks to a sticker price that's almost $26,000 lower than the Cayenne Hybrid's. It won't match the Porsche for agility, but it's just as reliable and provides a fittingly luxurious cabin.

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We Did the Research for You: 50 Pieces of Data Analyzed

There is a profuse amount of information available on the plug-in version of the Cayenne. In total, we collected 50 pieces of data to create our comprehensive 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid review. Our team of experts – backed by a combined 75 years of automotive experience – analyzed these details, then compared them with specs on the Cayenne Hybrid's top rivals. The result is a clear picture of the Cayenne Hybrid's top speed (151 mph), gas mileage (not great), handling (sensational), expected reliability (one of the best), and more.   

The Cayenne E-Hybrid saw significant powertrain updates for 2015 and several minor changes for 2016, though it hasn't been fully redesigned since the 2011 model year. As a result, this overview uses applicable research and reviews from the 2011 through 2017 model years.

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How Much Does the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Cost?

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is one of the most expensive luxury midsize SUVs you can buy. Its $78,700 starting price falls behind only the Tesla Model X, which rings up around $90,000 (though different federal and state income tax credits may lower your final out-of-pocket prices on both). The Cayenne Hybrid is also available in the Platinum Edition trim, which costs $81,600. You can choose from more than a dozen different packages and options to add to either Cayenne Hybrid trim, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to about $7,500.

For great savings at your local Porsche dealer, check out our U.S. News Best Price Program. You can also find excellent manufacturer incentives on our Porsche deals page.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Versus the Competition

If you're exclusively shopping for an SUV with a hybrid powertrain, you'll have just a sprinkling of models to pick from. In our Hybrid and Electric SUV rankings, only two are in the $75,000-plus price range: the Cayenne Hybrid and the Tesla Model X. The bulk of the remaining fleet cuts that cost by half. Though several have well-executed interiors, the Lexus RX 450h is one of the very few hybrid SUVs from a luxury brand.

Which Is Better: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid or Tesla Model X?

The Tesla Model X is the closest direct competitor to the Cayenne Hybrid, with a comparable price tag and a similar emphasis on delivering top-line performance in an opulent setting. Deciding between these two depends enormously on which type of technology is a better fit for you. The Model X is all-electric, giving you about 200 miles of charge when the battery is fully charged. The Cayenne Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid that taps into its gasoline engine to support its electric motor, granting it more than twice the range of the Model X in addition to you not having to worry about finding an electric recharging station. Determining if you can install charging equipment and whether the charging routine fits in with your lifestyle carries a heavy weight when contemplating if the Model X is a suitable fit for you. Also, if you get excited over the satisfying sound of an engine rev, you may find the nearly silent operation of the Tesla to be deflating. Clear these hurdles, though, and the Model X will give you more passenger room (it can be configured to carry up to seven people) or more cargo space (88 cubic feet overall versus the Cayenne' Hybrid's 59.7 cubic feet).

Which Is Better: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid or Lexus RX Hybrid?

You'll be happy to know that you can step way down in price by opting for a Lexus RX Hybrid instead of a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, and you won't have to take a cut in interior refinement to do so. Its starting price of $53,035 is almost $26,000 lower than the Porsche's. At the same time, the RX Hybrid's interior is nicely appointed, with leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, and navigation in every trim. Also included in the RX Hybrid are more safety features than you get standard with the Cayenne Hybrid, including adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and lane keep assist.

The Lexus is peppy and fuel-efficient, and it has a smooth ride. However, it isn't as agile as the Porsche, so if driving dynamics are essential, you'll likely want to pay the extra for the Cayenne Hybrid. But if you don’t care much about the Porsche’s dynamics, know that the Lexus is more fuel-efficient when its gas engine is running. The RX Hybrid gets a combined city/highway rating of 30 mpg, while the Cayenne Hybrid gets only 22 mpg combined.

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Cayenne Hybrid Interior

How Many People Does the Cayenne Hybrid Seat?

The Cayenne Hybrid seats five in an incredibly comfortable interior. The standard seats – which feature eight-way power adjustments on the front seats and leather upholstery all-around – ensure a comfortable position. Upgrade to the available 14- or 18-way power-adjustable front seats for optimal comfort – even on long drives. The optional heated front seats and steering wheel will help keep you warm in frosty weather. Back-seat passengers – even the taller ones – have plenty of acreage, and the seats can slide back for more legroom. Ventilated front seats and heated rear seats are also available.

Cayenne Hybrid and Car Seats

The Cayenne E-Hybrid has plenty of room for child seats, with two sets of lower anchors in the rear outboard seats that are easy to use and connect to. The three top tether anchors are also user-friendly. Also available are a Porsche Baby Seat and Porsche Junior Seat ISOFIX that comes with its own five-point seat belt system for added safety.

Cayenne Hybrid Interior Quality

The inside of the Cayenne Hybrid is refined, with first-rate materials that consist of elegantly stitched leather seats, leather trim on the gear selector and steering wheel and stainless steel pedals. The forest of wood trim options includes birch, olive, walnut, and mahogany.

Cayenne Hybrid Cargo Space

With 20.5 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, the Cayenne Hybrid has one of the smallest cargo holds among luxury 2-row SUVs. Fold down the seats, and this expands to 59.7 cubic feet. A power liftgate (standard) is a helpful feature when your arms are laden with grocery bags. The available air suspension system can also lower the vehicle, making it easier to load in heavy or bulky items.

Cayenne Hybrid Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

The Cayenne Hybrid has impressive smartphone integration. You can connect your smartphone and Apple Watch to the Cayenne Hybrid's infotainment system. This allows you to check the vehicle's battery levels, lock your doors, and more when you're not in your vehicle. Bluetooth, a USB port, and HD Radio are included in the base sound system.

Many features of the vehicle, such as navigation, climate, and suspension settings, are controlled with knobs and buttons … a lot of knobs and buttons. They may seem overwhelming at first, but these controls are easy to use once you familiarize yourself with them. The only questionable element is that the 7-inch touch screen is a little small and the system can feel slightly dated alongside some competitors.

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Cayenne Hybrid Performance

Cayenne Hybrid Engine: Powerful Hybrid

The 2017 Cayenne E-Hybrid comes with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine, an electric motor, and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Its combined 416-horsepower rating is impressive, and though it's a hybrid, this Porsche has no problem keeping up with its gas-only competitors. The robust hybrid powertrain gets an extra kick when you dial in Sport mode.

Cayenne Hybrid Gas Mileage: Hybrid Doesn't Always Equal Excellent Fuel Economy

The Cayenne E-Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid with an electric motor and a gasoline engine. This powertrain gives you better gas mileage than if it had only gasoline power. It offers a very limited all-electric range of 14 miles. By tapping into both its electric motor and its gas engine, the Cayenne E-Hybrid can get 46 mpg-e. (For more information on mpg-equivalent, read Decoding MPG-e.) Using only gasoline, the Cayenne E-Hybrid gets 22 mpg combined. That's a definite improvement over the nonhybrid Cayenne, which is rated at 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, or 20 mpg combined. However, it's not the most fuel-efficient model in our luxury midsize SUV rankings. The Lexus RX Hybrid, for example, gets 30 mpg combined (31 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway) which adds up to a savings of about $300 a year.

Cayenne Hybrid Ride and Handling: Smooth and Sporty

The Cayenne E-Hybrid comes standard with all-wheel drive. It has agile handling and rides comfortably. The regenerative brakes – a component found in hybrids that can feel unnatural if you've never driven a vehicle with them before – are much smoother than most. They also grant you solid stopping power.

Cayenne Hybrid Dimensions and Weight

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is pretty heavy for a luxury midsize SUV, weighing in at 5,181 pounds (curb weight). From end to end, the Cayenne Hybrid measures 191.1 inches (15.9 feet). It has a 114-inch wheelbase and stands 67.4 inches (5.6 feet) tall. With the standard suspension, maximum ground clearance is 8.5 inches. This increases to 10.6 inches with the air suspension system.

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Cayenne Hybrid Reliability

Is the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Reliable?

J.D. Power and Associates gives the 2017 Cayenne Hybrid a near-perfect score of four out of five for reliability. It's not alone at the top, however. Its equals include the gas-only Cayenne and the Lexus GX.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Warranty

The 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is covered by a four-year/50,000-mile warranty, which is a bit skimpy. The Lexus RX Hybrid has the same basic warranty but also comes with six-year/70,000-mile powertrain coverage and eight-year/100,000-mile coverage for the hybrid components. Tesla also offers a better warranty than Porsche. In addition to a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty, it covers the Model X with an eight-year/infinite-mile battery and drive unit warranty.

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Cayenne Hybrid Safety

Cayenne Hybrid Crash Test Results

The Cayenne E-Hybrid has no crash test ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is also the case for a little less than half of all models in our luxury midsize SUV rankings.

Cayenne Hybrid Safety Features

The 2017 Cayenne E-Hybrid comes standard with front and rear parking sensors. A number of driver assistance features can be added to any trim, including lane departure warning, lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, and front collision warning with automatic braking. For a better view of your surroundings, you can also select either a rearview camera or a 360-degree-view camera.

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Which Cayenne Hybrid Model Is Right for Me?

The 2017 Cayenne E-Hybrid is available in two trims: the base Cayenne S E-Hybrid ($78,700) and the S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition ($81,600). Both come with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine and an electric motor that produce 416 horsepower combined. An eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are standard. We go into more detail on each trim below.

If you break down the numbers, the top-level Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum trim adds up to be a pretty good value. For starters, it comes with Porsche Connect Plus, a package that bundles together goodies like Apple CarPlay and a Wi-Fi hot spot. Other infotainment additions are satellite radio and a 14-speaker surround sound system, and the front seats are upgraded to sport seats with Alcantara (synthetic suede) seat centers and heat. If you add these items to the base E-Hybrid, you'll likely spend well over the $2,900 difference between the two trims.

Porsche also offers more than 15 different packages and add-on upgrades for each trim, with prices ranging from $150 to $7,490. This deluge of options gives you more freedom to select only the items that interest you, instead of paying for extras that you don’t want. You can build and price the Cayenne Hybrid of your dreams and get great savings from your local Porsche dealer using our Best Price Program. We also list excellent manufacturer incentives on our Porsche deals page, updated monthly.

Cayenne S E-Hybrid

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid starts at $78,700. It comes standard with a 7-inch touch screen, smartphone integration through the Porsche Communication Management system, Bluetooth, a USB port, HD Radio, navigation, leather upholstery, a power liftgate, a moonroof, and front and rear parking sensors.

Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid Platinum Edition comes with the same features found in the lower trim and adds a 14-speaker surround sound audio system, satellite radio, heated front seats, and eight-way power sport seats. Additionally, it comes standard with Porsche Connect Plus, which includes a Wi-Fi hot spot, Apple CarPlay with navigation integration, and real-time traffic, weather, and fuel prices. Its Car Connect Services lets you use your smartphone to lock your vehicle, find your last parking location, check to see if you closed your windows and locked your doors, check fuel consumption, and set a time for charging to be completed by. Pricing starts at $81,600.

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The Final Call

The luxurious 2017 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is more mean than green, tapping into its hybrid powertrain to boost performance rather than stretch its gas mileage. This plug-in hybrid is thriftier on fuel than the gas-only Cayenne, but it's important to keep in mind that you’ll pay about $20,000 more for these fuel savings over the base nonhybrid Cayenne. Spirited drivers will say the high sticker price of the Cayenne Hybrid equates to money well-spent. It has nimble handling and quick acceleration, and it’s invigorating to drive. The cabin feels suitably luxurious, coddling you in comfortable leather seats and an elegant atmosphere. You can customize the Cayenne Hybrid to your heart's content with Porsche's many available options and packages. Shoppers who are nervous about buying a hybrid will also be reassured to see that this is one of the most reliable luxury midsize SUVs you can buy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out comments from some of the reviews that drive our rankings and analysis.

  • "In fact, even the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is a bona fide blast to drive, zipping to 60 mph in only 5.4 seconds, but still returning an estimated 47 mpge in hybrid electric mode. The 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission fires off shifts in milliseconds, obviating the need for any manual option." -- Kelley Blue Book (2016)
  • "The 2015 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid is a combination of daily town car and weekend getaway car just like any other SUV, which is why Americans buy more utility-style vehicles than sedans. As a plug-in hybrid, the Cayenne delivers the assets of EV performance where and when you want them, so you don't feel tethered to an EV charger." -- Automobile Magazine (2015) 
  • "… the S E-Hybrid will almost certainly be the Cayenne that fuel-conscious city dwellers will appreciate most. If not for its near-silent electric-only gait, its plug-in versatility, or its highly respectable fuel economy, then, it will be adored for its genetic predisposition to be as much fun on the autobahn as it is on a favorite backcountry road. Its hood does bear the Porsche crest after all." -- Motor Trend (2015)

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