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2011 Nissan Armada Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2011 Nissan Armada was new.


Interior: 7.4

The interior of the Armada reflects its exterior, which means the cabin is expansive -- though not more so than competitors. Cruising in the seven or eight-passenger (depending on second-row seat configuration) Armada is comfortable, according to most reviewers. A few complain of squeaks and rattles. The ride height gives rise to a reviewer annoyance -- it's tough to get in to and out of the Armada.

  • "This interior is more lush than plenty of so-called luxury cars, working several shades of brown, perfect touches of wood accent, satin-finish metal trim with a bit of chrome sparkle here and there." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "Interior decor is mostly plain with materials that trail Armada's large-SUV rivals. Test examples had various creaks and rattles, including a squeaking steering column and wind whistle from the cargo area." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Difficult entry and exit." --  Cars.com
  • "Every time you need to reach into the second row, which is often when you have a 2-year-old and an 11-month-old, I had to put the car in Park, unbuckle my seat belt and practically do a backbend to get there. Don't worry; I practice yoga." -- Mother Proof


The Armada offers two seating configurations. The standard configuration, with two second-row captain's chairs, accommodates seven passengers. An optional second-row bench increases capacity to eight. Reviewers like the front seats, but complain about the rear two rows.

  • "Roomy, supportive [front] seats . . . Second-row space is generous, but the available bucket seats are narrow and lack proper contouring and thigh support. They tumble forward, but leave a slim passage that means a jungle-gym climb into or out of 3rd row. Once there, adults find a flat, hard, undersized bench and less space than in most other large SUVs." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Big, comfy, well-upholstered buckets, with 8-way power adjustment for the driver and power adjustable pedals on all models."-- Motor Week
  • "The comfortable driver's seat is power-adjustable, as are the pedals, so finding a good driving position is pretty easy," -- About.com.
  • "Difficult entry and exit." -- Cars.com
  • "Despite 'theatre style' elevation, relatively thin cushion padding and smaller key dimensions make the one-piece third-row bench a kid-only zone." -- Automobile Magazine

Interior Features

Most reviewers like the Armada's interior, which offers plenty of entertainment options, as well as a stylish design. To get the best of the goodies, you’ll need to trade up to the Platinum trim, which has a standard navigation system, and power liftgate and a hard drive for storing music files.

As much as reviewers like the available tech, some call the controls difficult to understand.

  • "Sorting through the plethora of pushbuttons and layers of electronics just to change how the air flows on you can prove to be a challenge. I even had a hard time finding the radio, which, by the way, was right in the middle of dash. " -- Automobile Magazine
  • "The gauges are easy to read. Simple three-dial climate system may be a stretch away for some drivers, and dial positions can be tough to decipher in daylight." -- Consumer Guide


The Armada offers plenty of cargo space –20 cubic feet behind the third row and 97.1 cubic feet total. Though it has less sheer cubic footage than some class competitors, it has easy-to-fold seats for quick conversion from people to cargo hauling. Several reviewers commented on the storage space for smaller items, which include a deep center console and storage compartments in the ceiling.

  • "In addition to the enormous cargo area, there are not one, not two, but six storage compartments in the ceiling. If you opt for the DVD entertainment system, one of these ceiling cubbies would be taken away. I stored books for my kids in one of the ceiling cubbies, which was a novel and useful storage solution. . . . The center console between the front seats is huge. I swear I could fit my infant daughter in there (not that I'm advocating storing a child in a cubby; I'm simply offering a point of reference)." -- Mother Proof
  • "High ride stance means a high load floor. The available power liftgate is a necessity. The rear seats fold without having to remove the headrests. Space is modest behind the 3rd-row seat, but its split-folding design adds versatility. Too bad raising those 3rd-row seats in the SV requires crawling into the load area or climbing into the 2nd row. Fortunately, SL and Platinum offer power operation for the 3rd row. "-- Consumer Guide

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