2019 Lincoln Nautilus: Everything You Need to Know

2019 Lincoln Nautilus
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Lincoln’s Midsize SUV Gets a New Name and a New Look

A Nautilus is an underwater mollusk, the latin word for “Sailor,” and the name of Lincoln’s replacement for the MKX midsize luxury crossover. The actual animal Nautilus might not be much to look at, but the shell it leaves behind features a beautiful logarithmic spiral. It’s a fitting name for the attractive SUV replacing its staid predecessor.

The Nautilus is a complete design departure from the MKX, one so drastic that Lincoln gave it a new name. But this is more than just a new name and face; it represents a continued effort by Lincoln to move from its MK- naming convention back to real car names. Under the skin, there are also new engine options.

Read through the following slides to learn more about Lincoln’s latest luxury SUV.