New Cars for 2017

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2017's All-New Cars

Improvements in automotive technology move at a fast pace, with new innovative car features being introduced all the time. So, even though your next car purchase might be a few years away, it’s smart to stay informed about new models coming soon.

Keeping an eye on the new car market can help you avoid spending money on a car that has outdated technology. Also, most new models are safer than the cars they replace, because they are designed to pass all the latest crash tests. Their predecessors were likely designed more than five years ago, before crash safety standards were as stringent as they are today.

New cars are also expected to sport all the latest in-car electronics: touch-screen infotainment systems that are capable not only of playing terrestrial and satellite radio, but also displaying navigation apps, operating internet radio, and serving as a conduit between your smartphone and the car using Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto systems.

Here’s a list of the 10 most significant or popular new models for 2017 that are worth some consideration for outstanding technology. Unless otherwise noted, most of these cars go on sale by fall 2016. 

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