New Cars and Trucks That Could Use an Update

2017 Nissan Leaf
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These New Cars and Trucks Are Getting Long in the Tooth

Age is relative. A 6-year-old human is only a child, while a 6-year-old dog is past middle age. As for automobiles, a 6-year-old design would usually be nearing the end of its useful lifecycle, not that some models haven’t soldiered on long after that milestone was reached.

Rapid changes in technology and customer preferences are now prompting automakers to redesign many models every five to seven years, and to freshen these designs at least once during this cycle.

Here are some cars and SUVs that have been around for longer than most of their competitors and may be ready for a redesign. One benefit to considering older cars: You can often get a great deal on them. The manufacturers have also had time to work out the bugs in the design, which could mean fewer repairs down the road.

Click through the following slides to see which vehicles have overstayed their welcome in the automotive marketplace.

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