Best Muscle Car Lease Deals for March

Dodge Challenger
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March's Best Muscle Car Lease Deals

“Muscle car” is the sort of term auto enthusiasts can go round and round attempting to define. Are they just American cars? Do they have to have V8s? What’s the difference between a muscle car and a GT car again? It can go on forever.

We’ll avoid that sort of pedantry and define muscle cars more casually: Front engine, rear-wheel drive cars with at least four seats, and powerful engines (with a preference for low cost). Think Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro, and Ford Mustang. But that definition also includes some luxury and foreign cars, like the Cadillac ATS-V or the Lexus RC

While the “muscle car era” has long ended, the modern auto market still has plenty of vehicles that offer rubber-burning power in a car you can reasonably drive to work every day. Some of the methods for achieving those characteristics have changed, but the spirit of the muscle car is alive and well in these vehicles.

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