10 Movie Car Chases You Need to See

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The Italian Job (1969, 2003)

In one of his finest roles, Michael Caine engineers a plot to steal a shipment of gold from Italian automaker Fiat. The ensuing heist involves jamming Turin’s computerized traffic signals and escaping the city by driving classic Mini Coopers on some unorthodox routes, including the city’s sewer system.

The chase features brilliant driving through shopping arcades, traversing the sail-like roof of the Palazzo a Vela arena, and driving on Fiat’s 1920’s-era rooftop test track. The chase goes underground into the sewers, where the thieves finally make their escape. The movie ends with the gang’s partying as they drive through the Alps, causing them to lose much of the loot.

The movie was remade in 2003, with Mark Wahlberg leading his team on a heist that spans from Italy to the streets and subways of Los Angeles. The film reprises the use of Mini Coopers driven heroically during the film's penultimate chase scene. 

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