18 Most Reliable Cars for 2020

2019 Mini Cooper Clubman
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Cars With the Best Reliability

When searching for a new car, one of the most important considerations for a shopper is predicted reliability – especially with the average new-car buyer now holding onto (and financing) a vehicle for around six years. Though today’s cars hold up better than ever, owner surveys confirm that some models inherently perform better in this regard than others. 

Some cars can provide faithful service for many years, with only basic maintenance and addressing of standard wear-and-tear issues. Others will subject their owners to a litany of mechanical woes large and small. Even as many new vehicles are covered under warranty for at least the first three years of ownership, having to make multiple service visits to keep a troublesome ride running is a major annoyance.

All vehicles ranked by U.S. News include projected reliability ratings from J.D. Power. In this case, past performance is used to gauge how well a given model will fare mechanically over time. Each year, J.D. Power polls tens of thousands of original owners of three-year-old vehicles to glean what has gone right – and wrong – for them within the past 12 months of ownership.

In this slideshow, we look at 18 passenger cars that earn a predicted reliability rating of four out of five or higher in J.D. Power’s evaluations. We’re presenting them in ascending order, according to their scores. If two or more cars achieve the same rating, we give the higher ranking to the car with a higher overall U.S. News score and/or a more affordable sticker price. 

We’re concentrating on mainstream autos here. We have separate articles for those interested in learning about the most reliable luxury cars or sport utility vehicles.

As always, keep in mind that we update our scores as new information becomes available, so the data in this slideshow might not match the most recent information in our reviews.

Read on to learn about the most reliable new cars for 2020.

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