Built for a Marathon: Most Reliable Cars of 2016

2016 GMC Terrain
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Built for a Marathon: Most Reliable Cars of 2016

As I, along with nearly 40,000 other runners, get ready to the toe the line in the Boston Marathon on Monday, it’s time to think about vehicles that have what it takes to perform over the long haul, not just for a sprint. While training for a marathon, all those high-mileage weeks take a toll on your joints, tendons, and muscles. With your car, it’s the powertrain, suspension, drivetrain, and interior systems that can deteriorate with repeated use over the long-term. An unreliable car will require lots of trips to the mechanic to repair these problems, which of course could put a big dent in your bank account, as well as monopolize your valuable time. The cars, SUVs, and trucks in this slide show have some of the best reliability ratings of the 2016 model year, so they should save you money and minimize headaches in the long run.

Reliability scores for new vehicles in the US News Best Cars Rankings are derived from J.D. Power’s Predicted Reliability Study, which is based on the number of problems reported with the vehicle in the first few months of ownership, as well as each brand’s track record for dependability. A 5-circle rating is the best score a car can receive, while 2-circles is the worst. For reference, the industry average for 2016 is about 3.3. The most reliable cars and SUVs earn a 4-circle rating or better, so you can be sure you’re bringing home a marathon-ready, long-term dependable ride.

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