11 Most Reliable Car Brands of 2017

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Buying From One of These Car Brands Could Mean Fewer Service Visits

When shopping for a new car, its predicted reliability rating is an important consideration. Though the car’s warranty initially covers many issues, taking your vehicle in for service is a time-consuming hassle. It gives you peace of mind to know that most of your car’s systems and features will remain trouble-free.

We use J.D. Power’s predicted reliability research as one piece of the data that drives U.S. News’ rankings. We calculated the average reliability score for each automaker, based on all 2017 models on our site, to bring you the most reliable car brands.

J.D. Power determines a vehicle’s predicted reliability by combining results from an Initial Quality Study and a Vehicle Dependability Study. The Initial Quality results are measured over the first 90 days of ownership, and Vehicle Dependability factors in historic reliability over three years. Reliability is scored on a five-point scale.

U.S. News’ overall scoring combines predicted reliability, along with safety ratings, and multiple pieces of research pertaining to performance and interior features. Because our automotive scores are updated continuously with new expert reviews, reliability data, and safety data, our scores and rankings are subject to change. Vehicle status determines accuracy, since newer, or refreshed models have less accumulated data than carryovers.

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