11 Most Powerful Pickup Trucks in 2017

2017 F-150 Raptor
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Which Pickups Offer the Most Horsepower?

Today's trucks are more luxurious than ever, with leather-wrapped interiors and acres of chrome. However, horsepower is still king for a lot of pickup buyers, who need their trucks to be able to maintain highways speeds while hauling boats, campers, or a summer's worth of duffel bags.

Horsepower can also be a source of fun if you're the type of truck enthusiast who heads off road in your Ford Raptor or Toyota TRD Pro. Torque is important to truck buyers too, especially when they're towing and need that low-end grunt to haul a heavy load from a stop. But horsepower is what we're considering this time around.

What follows is a list of all the available light-duty pickups, from the least powerful to the most powerful. In all cases the most powerful optional engines are listed. Check out the following slides to find out which pickup has the most horsepower.

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