Most Expensive States for Bad Drivers

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Bad Drivers Beware

Driving — the act of getting from place to place — is expensive. Fuel costs, along with car costs and maintenance, are a big part of the equation. But these vary depending on your personal tastes and how far you need to go. Other expenses are more self-selecting. For example, higher insurance premiums and traffic tickets are two examples of driving-related expenses that quickly skyrocket if you have a less-than-stellar record — and that’s not even counting extra costs of crashes.

According to WalletHub, a website that offers free credit reports and scores, the following states are the strictest (and among the most expensive) for drivers who are deemed to be “high-risk.” If you’ve ever doubted that drivers with bad records pay more for the privilege of being on the road, the proof is right here in WalletHub’s study.