States With the Most Dangerous Driving Laws

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Be Careful When Driving Through These States

Experienced cross-country travelers know that, as they move from one state to another, the sights and sounds change dramatically. There’s more to a state line than a change in climate and demographics — the laws change, too, which can result in an unexpected speeding or traffic ticket. Some states crack down hard on offenses like DUIs or texting while driving, while others are notoriously lax on enforcement. These laws don’t just affect how much you’re likely to pay in fines; there’s also a correlation between dangerous driving laws and higher driving fatalities.

That’s according to the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety (AHAS), which pushes for stricter driving laws across the country. In the organization’s annual Roadmap, a publication about nationwide road safety, nine states earn a Red rating, which means that the “State falls dangerously behind in adoption of key safety laws.” In other words, these are the states that have the fewest laws on the books that help protect users of that state’s roadways. Here are the states where drivers are the least regulated.

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