13 Most Comfortable Luxury SUVs You Can Buy in 2020

2020 Lincoln Navigator
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Ride in Comfort With These Luxury SUVs

In a fast-paced world, everybody needs a little coddling now and then. So, why not start with your daily drive? A luxury SUV or crossover can provide a comfortable, quiet escape from the pressures of the daily grind. The key is to choose one with an interior that’s pleasant, well-designed, and equipped with the right features.

We’re here to help you make that important choice. On the following slides, we showcase a group of SUVs and crossovers with the best U.S. News interior and overall scores. The models that made the cut combine comfort, functionality, and other important traits. Needless to say, there’s no point having a great interior if the rest of the vehicle isn’t up to snuff. We can’t do anything about traffic, but we can help you choose the nicest place to ride it out.

Keep in mind that our scores are constantly updated as new models are introduced and new data becomes available. As a result, the scores and rankings in this slideshow may not match the latest information in our reviews.

Please note: This slideshow only includes luxury SUVs – for our list of the most comfortable mainstream SUVs, click here.

Now, sit back, relax, and read about the most comfortable luxury SUVs on the market in 2020.

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