10 Most Comfortable Luxury SUVs of 2018

2019 Volvo XC60, 2018 Land Rover Discovery, 2018 Lincoln Navigator
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Here Are the Comfiest Luxury SUVs Based on U.S. News Data

Luxury SUVs continue to pull in car buyers drawn to the idea of having a maximum amount of interior room, coupled with the convenience items and comfort features found in the finest sedans.

The vehicles in this list all boast above-average credentials when it comes to offering a quiet ride, a comfortable perch from which to view the road ahead, and a level of refinement that extends throughout the entire vehicle.

These SUVs also push technology and classy features to the forefront, with many offering onboard Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated and cooled seats, elegant wood trim and, in one case, even an animal-friendly wool-blend alternative to cow hide, which comes with suede-like inserts made from recycled plastic.

A fancy badge is only the jumping-off point for these vehicles. Click through this slideshow to see the most comfortable luxury SUVs of 2018.

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