7 Most Comfortable 2017 Pickup Trucks

2017 Chevy Silverado
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These Rugged Trucks Have a Softer Side

Businesses have discovered that making workers more comfortable boosts productivity, safety, and the health and well-being of employees. As a result, office workers get orthopedically designed chairs while factory workers increasingly use equipment designed to reduce strain and repetitive motion injuries.

But what about pickup truck drivers? Don’t they deserve a little comfort, too?

It turns out that pickup trucks, which in your parent's day were often downright uncomfortable, have come a long way. Many of today’s models offer inviting interiors and supportive seats. Some truck interiors even compare favorably to those in luxury cars. These changes have helped make pickups popular with buyers who use them for daily transportation and family outings, as well as work.

Here are the full-size and compact pickup trucks that have earned higher interior scores and better reviews in U.S. News evaluations, which are updated continuously to reflect the latest expert opinion and data from across the market.

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