Some celebrities make a hobby of flaunting the newest, flashiest and most disgustingly expensive supercars. But others choose to drive cars that are familiar to you and me - cars that we can actually envision ourselves in and even afford to buy. More often than not, they customize these cars to fit their unique styles. So take a look at the trendiest yet most affordable cars making the rounds of Hollywood.

Smart Fortwo

MSRP $11,990 - $16,990

Many buyers choose the tiny and fuel-efficient Smart Fortwo for economical purposes - which is why it's all the more surprising that it's becoming the car of choice for many celebrities. And we're not talking your typical celebs here - the stars seen sporting Smarts are bona fide rockers. These include Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, rapper Redman and pop star Katy Perry (who customized hers in pink with her named painted on the side). Perhaps the most comical sighting so far involves Snoop Dogg's entourage. A YouTube video shows the rapper's security man and personal car mechanic crammed into one of the small two-seaters.

Dodge Challenger

MSRP $22,220 - $40,220

With its 425-horsepower V8 engine, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 (a performance-tuned variant of the regular Challenger) is a powerful and capable back-road burner. Its stylish retro design is a big draw, especially in Hollywood. The wide-ranging Glitterati who drive the SRT8 include TV star Chace Crawford, comedian Jay Leno, LA Lakers player Andrew Bynum and movie-star-turned-California-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rapper TI even features a black Challenger in his music video for "What's Up, What's Happenin.'"

Audi Q7

MSRP $43,500 - $59,220

Some celebrities prefer exotic, show-stopping cars from Lamborghini and Porsche, but there are plenty who opt for the refined German engineering of upscale-yet-understated Audi. In fact, the sheer number of famous Audi drivers might surprise you. The Audi Q7 delivers a distinctive elegance that's more than enough for actor Ben Stiller and singer Seal. Kevin Costner gave Audi his endorsement when he bought a Q7 for his son - and a sporty S8 sedan for himself. Other celebrity-owned Audis actress Jessica Biel's TT convertible and model Gisele Bundchen's A8 sedan.

Lexus SC

MSRP $66,805

With its plush cabin and power-retractable hardtop, the Lexus SC is a luxury grand tourer fit for even the most discerning of owners. So it's only natural that several celebrities would choose this refined convertible. Among them are supermodel Tyra Banks, who customized her SC with new tires on the show "Ride with FunkMaster Flex." TV and movie star Mila Kunis was recently caught on camera illegally parking her SC in a handicapped spot while she grabbed coffee. A few other stars also give Lexus their seal of approval. Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, drives an IS sedan, while Al Pacino has been seen in an LX470.

Jeep Wrangler

MSRP $20,710 - $32,090

Few SUVs can match the Jeep Wrangler's rugged capabilities. While it's doubtful that most celebrities would take their customized Wranglers off road, they are most certainly attracted to the truck's distinctive styling and open-air convertible top. Famous names seen in the macho Wrangler include rapper P. Diddy and singer Justin Timberlake, who both prefer the four-door Unlimited model. Soccer player David Beckham has also been spotted driving around his new California digs in a blacked-out Wrangler, while rocker Avril Lavigne has been seen driving a Rubicon model.

Porsche Cayenne

MSRP $44,600 - $123,600

The super-luxurious Porsche brand is familiar territory for the rich and famous. So it's no surprise that several stars drive the Cayenne, one of the most powerful and plush SUVs on the market. But it is a bit surprising to see who's sitting in the driver's seat. Several of the Cayenne's most famous owners got their start as young TV stars - teen queen Miley Cyrus (who just turned 16 in late 2008) drives a Cayenne GTS, while media mogul Mary-Kate Olsen (who is now 23) drives an even more powerful Cayenne Turbo. Adding to the Cayenne mix is yet another young starlet, 19-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere.

Are These Affordable, Really?

If you're looking at the MSRPs, it may seem like these celebrity rides are way out of your price range. But make sure you're not just concentrating on the high end of each car's price range.  For example, though the Porsche Cayenne may seem pricey, you don't have to be a celebrity to afford the more reasonable base model, which costs around 45K.

Plus, some celebrity rides, such as the Smart Fortwo, are among the most affordable cars on the market today. Other affordable celebrity rides include the Toyota Prius, MINI Cooper and Chrysler 300. To learn who drives these and even more celebrity rides, see our first installment of Celebrity Rides You Can Afford.