Midsize SUVs with Full-Size Features

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These SUVs Have Midsize Prices and Full-Size Features

A couple decades ago, the most popular SUVs were big, truck-based rigs that had tons of space and guzzled gallons of gas by the minute. In the years that followed, gas prices went up and tastes changed. Now, more-efficient midsize car-based SUVs rule the road.

However, many families miss the key features of the full-size behemoths of yesteryear, such as large cargo areas and V8 towing power. There are still a number of full-size SUVs on the market with those features, such as the Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Expedition, but those vehicles have starting prices well into the $40,000 range. Is it possible to get a less-expensive midsize crossover with those full-size features?

It is indeed! We've assembled a list of midsize SUVs that have the full-size features you want, plus they cost less and get better gas mileage. Read on the see what we recommend.

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