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2010 Mazda Mazda5 Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2010 Mazda Mazda5 was new.


Interior: 7.5

The Mazda5's interior is a practical one, in its features and layout. Auto critics appreciate the absence of bench seating -- all passengers get their own chair.

  • "Functional cabin uses price-appropriate materials. Hard-plastic surfaces are tempered somewhat by rich graining and good overall assembly quality." -- Consumer Guide 
  • "The Mazda 5 also seats a maximum of six, one less than regular minivans. It's therefore best to think of the 5 as a good car for small, young families who occasionally need just a pinch of extra room." -- Edmunds


The 2010 Mazda5 is unusual in its class in that it has three rows of seating for six in captain's chairs. However, be forewarned that the third row really only fits kids and a few reviewers complain about cramped conditions all around.

  • "Occupants sit higher than in most cars, but visibility is not the best to right-rear or astern. The broad dashtop imparts a minivan feel.... The firm seats have just enough lateral support, but very tall drivers will want longer cushions and more rearward travel. Headroom is good for all." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The Mazda5 gives each of the six individuals his or her own seat with theater-style elevation for each row." -- Kelley Blue Book 
  • "The small third-row seat is suitable only for children, and that's only if you scoot up the sliding second-row captain's chairs." -- Edmunds
  • "The Mazda5's dimensions seem only slightly smaller - 1.1 inches at most compared with seven-seat versions of the Rondo and Toyota RAV4 - but at 6 feet tall I felt more crowded behind the wheel than the specifications suggest. … I'm not suggesting I was crowded to an unsafe degree, but it was tight enough that I personally wouldn't invest in a Mazda5. " -- Cars.com

Interior Features

While there is some disagreement, most reviewers find the controls and layout of the 2010 Mazda5 to be simple and functional. A nice bonus is that the awkward placement of the navigation system that auto critics griped about in the 2009 model has been corrected.

  • The Mazda5 has a "reasonably quiet and quite stylish" interior where "gauges can be ready quickly and most controls are easy to reach and operate." -- MSN
  • "The need to push a button to release the key from the ignition is a dumb annoyance that everyone else solved around 1988." -- Automotive.com
  • "Switchgear is simple and handy. The optional navigation system no longer pops up out of the top of the dashboard. It's situated in the more traditional location in the middle of the dashboard stack above the climate controls." -- Consumer Guide


The Mazda5 is a true transformer when it comes to cargo space. When all three rows are in use, the space is minimal. However, once the third row is folded away, there's plenty of useable room, and the Mazda5 gets into minivan cargo territory when you fold down the second row.

  • "Large side and rear openings ease loading, but the liftgate barely clears the heads of six-footers. There is just grocery-bag space behind the 3rd row, but all rear seats fold to make a nearly flat floor and can be arranged for a variety of spacious passenger or cargo loads." -- Consumer Guide
  • "One gripe about the cargo area is that it's too dark; it needs a dome light rather than a single side-panel one, which is both dim and easily blocked by cargo." -- Cars.com
  • "If, however, you need room for three kids, Aunt Doris, a kayak and a week's worth of stuff for a road trip to Dollywood, you probably should stick with a full-size minivan." -- Edmunds
  • Seats "folds out of the way individually, so the Mazda5 can accommodate anywhere from one to six occupants and a number of combinations of occupants and gear." -- Kelley Blue Book  

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