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2009 Mazda Mazda5 Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2009 Mazda Mazda5 was new.


Interior: 7.6

The Mazda5's interior is all practicality, from the seats, to the space and the design. The Captain's chairs in all three rows were reviewer favorites, though some wonder if the seats are far enough apart to limit squabbles.

  •  -"We're used to the elbow room of a larger van, with at least enough room between seats to keep bickering siblings out of swinging distance from each other." -- AutoWeek


The 2009 Mazda5 has the class distinction of providing three rows of seating for six in individual chairs.

  • "The Mazda5 gives each of the six individuals his or her own seat with theater-style elevation for each row." -- Kelley Blue Book 
  • "Tall and upright, as it properly should be in a vehicle designed for close-quarters urban driving." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "Second-row seats slide back to give occupants more legroom. And each of the two second-row seats comes with a fold-down armrest for traveling comfort." -- Chicago Tribune
  • "The third row is fairly dreadful, though, unless you are in kindergarten." -- Detroit News

Interior Features

There are mixed reviews on the 2009 Mazda5's interior features. Some call the layout clear and useful, while others complain of gauges that washout, poor materials and fussy gadgets. A tilt and telescoping steering wheel with buttons for cruise control and audio is included standard on all Mazda5s, in addition to two power outlets and delayed courtesy lights.

  • The Mazda5 has a "reasonably quiet and quite stylish" interior where "gauges can be ready quickly and most controls are easy to reach and operate." -- MSN
  • "The need to push a button to release the key from the ignition is a dumb annoyance that everyone else solved around 1988." -- Automotive.com
  • "A swathed-in-metal instrument panel that looked like it belonged in an oral surgeon's office." -- Detroit News


Most writers have grievances with Mazda5's navigation system.

  • "The navigation system takes some acclimation, what with the controls located down on the shift console." -- CarsDirect
  • "The do-everything knob often mistakes push-downs for a tilt-a-whirl motion and vice versa. It's also the type that locks out user input whenever the van's in motion. Both are annoying." -- Automotive.com


The cargo space in the Mazda5 depends on how many seats are in use. Behind the third row, reviewers say there isn't much space. However, with the third row folded away, there's plenty of useable room. The Mazda5 starts to challenge larger SUVs for cargo space when the second row is out of sight.

  • "There's not enough room behind it to hold much more than a small duffel bag or a couple of golf clubs -- just clubs, not the entire bag." -- Chicago Tribune
  • "Don't go grocery shopping in the Mazda when you have five passengers unless you want them to hold your bags on their laps." -- Edmunds
  • "[Seats] folds out of the way individually, so the Mazda5 can accommodate anywhere from one to six occupants and a number of combinations of occupants and gear." -- Kelley Blue Book

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