Honda vs. Mazda: Battle of the Brands in 2019

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Which Automaker Is Best for You?

Honda and Mazda have excellent reputations for offering practical cars and trucks for every type of budget. What sets each brand apart from the pack is that many of their vehicles, whether it’s a cargo-friendly SUV or a safety-conscious family sedan, are typically great fun to drive.

But what happens when the range of each automaker squares off against other? Does one emerge as the better overall deal?

To settle this debate, we’ve used the results of our rankings to see how each brand compares in every category. From performance and cabin quality to safety and fuel economy, we’ve left no stone unturned.

Read on to see which brand comes out on top.

(Keep in mind that our scores change as new expert reviews and data become available. Therefore, the scores included in this story might not match the scores in our rankings and reviews.)

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