12 Best Luxury SUV Leases in April

Lexus NX
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Upscale, Comfortable, and Useful

The small SUV has become the ultimate commuter car, and we mean that in a good way. The typical luxury compact and subcompact SUV has a comfortable ride, the latest safety features, and a commanding driving position. Frankly, riding in a luxury crossover will make even the worst traffic tolerable.

Automakers are racing to put their best foot forward in this segment. Take a look at the following list of the best lease offers on luxury SUVs for the month of April, and you’ll quickly realize how many redesigned or completely new vehicles there are on the market.

These lease offers all have expiration dates and mileage limitations. The mileage limits can be annual or total, and once the odometer goes over that  number, the lessee is charged a small fee for every mile driven, so keep your driving habits in mind when shopping these competitive lease offers.

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