12 Best Luxury Car Deals in November 2018

2018 Volvo V90
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These Luxury Car and SUV Purchase Deals Will Save You Money

Luxury cars and SUVs come with a premium price tag, so saving money on interest is crucial if you want to get your monthly payment reduced. Some automakers also offer bonus cash in addition to low financing rates, while other automakers simply offer multiple cash incentives to bring the purchase price down.

This November, you can purchase a Kia Stinger, Lexus GS, or Lexus RX with zero percent interest over a long term. The Cadillac CT6 is available with zero percent interest plus $2,000 in bonus cash. Volvo will give you up to $7,750 in total savings on the purchase of the all-new V90 wagon (pictured above). Several other luxury models are also available with attractive financing deals.

Keep in mind that offers vary regionally. Contact your local dealer to find out what specials are available in your area and how these deals compare.

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(This article covers financing and cash back deals on luxury cars. If you’d rather read about luxury car lease deals, click here.)