11 Best Lightweight Sports Cars

Porsche 911
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The Best Way to Add Performance: Add Lightness

There are a couple of ways to make a car go fast. Either you can put a massive engine under the hood, like a Dodge Charger Hellcat, or you can put the car on a diet, reducing the amount of weight that the engine needs to propel.

Some of the best sports cars in the market follow the latter option, trading extra ounces for quicker acceleration and lithe handling. In fact, if you make a car light enough, even a small engine can provide an excellent driving experience.

On the following slides, we explore some of the best lightweight sports cars you can buy today. The average new car weighed 4,035 pounds in the 2015 model year, according to the EPA; all of the cars on this list weigh less. We’ve left the exotics out, focusing on mainstream models that range from super-affordable to just slightly outrageous. You can compare them head to head in our new car rankings, and find great deals on some of them on our car deals page.