Lexus vs. Acura: Battle of the Brands in 2020

2020 Acura NSX (Top) / Lexus LC (Bottom)
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Which Japanese Luxury Automaker Is the Better Buy?

If you’re in the market for a luxury car or SUV, you’re likely to run across multiple options from Acura and Lexus. These two Japanese luxury brands tend to have options that line up directly against one another in terms of pricing, practicality, performance, and styling. If you find yourself cross-shopping options from Acura and Lexus, which automaker should you go with? That’s what we’ll help you decide in this slideshow.

Both Acura and Lexus are luxury brands of non-luxury automakers: Acura is owned by Honda, while Lexus is owned by Toyota. For Acura, being Honda’s luxury brand means you’re getting excellent value. When it comes to what kind of features and the number of features you get with an Acura, it usually leads the luxury segment (for the price). Paying less by going with an Acura doesn’t mean you’ll get less, as the brand’s cars come with high-end features, easy-to-use technology, and an available all-wheel drive on some models.

For shoppers leaning toward a Lexus, being underneath Toyota’s umbrella means you’re getting excellent quality and reliability. Furthermore, sharp designs and impressive performance are also found with Lexus’ cars. With Toyota’s excellent track record with hybrid powertrains, Lexus is one of the few luxury automakers to offer many vehicles in its lineup with gas-electric powertrains.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how these two automakers stack up to one another – both in terms of important criteria, as well as specific vehicle classes. If scoring data in this article doesn’t match up with a vehicle’s individual review, don’t be alarmed. U.S. News constantly updates its scores based on new data that becomes available.

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