12 Best Leases Under $300 in December

Kia Stinger
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Don’t Miss These Lease Deals Under $300 a Month

Leasing a new car definitely has its benefits. You can upgrade to a new vehicle every few years. You don’t have to stress about the car’s long-term reliability. And if something does go wrong – it’s likely covered under warranty. Your money also goes further when you lease, since you aren’t paying for the entire value of the vehicle.

How far can it go? You may be surprised to see which cars, trucks, and SUVs you can afford with a low monthly payment of $300 or less. In fact, there are a bunch of great leases under $200 a month as well.

This December, you can lease a 2018 Honda Civic for just $179 a month, or a 2018 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck for $219 a month. Keep in mind that these lease deals may vary across the country, so it’s best to check with your local car dealership to see which offers are available in your area.

Read on to see the best lease deals under $300 this December.