Land Rover vs. Range Rover: Decoding Land Rover’s Lineup in 2020

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Your Guide to Land Rover’s Luxury SUVs

Very few brands have been able to offer vehicles as luxurious and off-road-capable as Land Rover. The iconic British marque has all but cornered the more rugged side of the luxury SUV segment with its off-road-ready utes. While Land Rover sells vehicles under the automaker’s main name, it also produces the Range Rover sub-brand of SUVs. With two SUV lines available under one automaker’s roof, it can be difficult to figure out what separates the two. 

To oversimplify things, Land Rover focuses on more mainstream (for the brand) vehicles. Range Rovers tend to be larger, more luxurious, and more expensive than the other SUVs in Land Rover’s lineup. 

While that’s the simple answer, there are a lot more differences that are worth covering. All seven of Land Rover’s SUVs may be high-end off-roaders, but some vehicles put things like performance, luxury features, and tech above others. As one might expect, more powerful engines, more high-tech features, and more luxury touches can drastically alter a vehicle’s price tag.

If you’re looking to see what separates Land Rovers from Range Rovers, check out the following slideshow. These SUVs are listed in ascending order from cheapest to most expensive based on their starting MSRPs. 

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