Jeep Grand Cherokee Repairs & Maintenance

Last Updated: January 25, 2018

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems and Repairs

The Jeep Grand Cherokee earns praise for its excellent off-road performance, but numerous problems have given these SUVs a reputation for poor reliability. If you're considering a used Grand Cherokee, schedule a pre-purchase inspection with a mechanic to make sure the vehicle is in good condition before you buy. You may also want to consider a certified pre-owned Grand Cherokee; these are used models that have undergone an inspection from a certified Jeep dealer and come with additional warranty coverage.

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Here are some common problems and complaints about the Grand Cherokee as reported by owners to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Jeep Grand Cherokee Common Problems

Jeep introduced the current Grand Cherokee generation for the 2011 model year. Since then, owners have complained about frequent engine starting and stalling issues, harsh or delayed gear changes, wrinkles forming in the dashboard upholstery, and intermittent electrical problems.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has issued recalls that target these engine issues, including a recall of the total integrated power module (TIPM) in all 2011 through 2013 models. This fuse box contains a faulty fuel pump relay that can keep the engine from starting altogether, or cause it to stall while driving. Jeep also recalled 2012 through 2014 models for alternator failure, which could cause the vehicle to stall without warning.

Additional recalls cover some of the Grand Cherokee's transmission problems. Jeep recalled 2014 and 2015 models due to a gear shifter design flaw. The SUV failed to warn drivers to put the vehicle in park before exiting, which could allow it to roll away. Jeep also recalled the 2016 model due to a problem with its shift interlock solenoid, which could leave the vehicle stuck in park or neutral.

Though not covered under recall, multiple software updates are available to address the erratic shifting experienced by drivers. Jeep says that after reprogramming the transmission control module (TCM), the new software can improve shift quality. The 2014 and 2015 models seem especially prone to this problem. Other software updates address glitches with the radio and navigation systems, the power liftgate, the alarm, and the air conditioning. You can contact your local Jeep dealership to see if these and other updates are available for your vehicle.

The previous Grand Cherokee generation (2005 through 2010) is also prone to engine starting and stalling issues. Owners have reported a recurring check engine light and other flickering warning lights.

Jeep recalled all 2005 through 2008 models because of an ignition switch fault that can allow the vehicle's key to turn into the off position while driving. This causes a loss of engine power, as well as a loss of power steering and power brake assistance. A separate recall for the 2008 Grand Cherokee involves a faulty front control module (FCM), which can also cause the engine to stall while driving.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Recalls

Use the links below to find recalls for all Jeep Grand Cherokee model years.


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