2020 Jeep Cherokee vs. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Head to Head

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee front 3/4 view (top) / 2020 Jeep Cherokee front 3/4 view (bottom)
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Which of These Raucous Jeep Off-Roaders Is Best For You? 

Motorists considering either the 2020 Jeep Cherokee or the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee are probably interested in looking at some of the top-rated off-roading vehicles. These Jeeps are both rugged crossovers that offer some of the safest and most-fun off-roading capabilities in their classes.

Although these utes share some similarities, the Cherokee is a compact SUV while the Grand Cherokee is a midsize SUV, so it’s a little difficult for drivers to directly compare them. In some respects, the Jeeps are quite evenly matched, while other category competitions produce a clear winner.

In this article, we review and compare each SUV’s price, interior, power, safety, reliability, and more. Both of these Jeeps are great choices for off-roading, and can perform well in snow, sand, or sludge (when properly equipped, of course). There are some distinct pros and cons for each vehicle, however, which we’ll discuss later.

We continue to update our reviews and rankings as new data becomes available, so the rankings and scores mentioned in this list may vary compared to the reviews on our site.

Check out the following slides to compare in detail which Jeep is the better choice for you.


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