2010 Jaguar XK


2010 Jaguar XK Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2010 Jaguar XK was new.


Interior: 7.9

Critics generally find the XK's cabin comfortable in the front, cramped in the back, and full of luxurious, high-quality materials. Its multipurpose touch screen interface system, however, garners mixed reviews.

  • "The 2010 XK's interior is a pretty dramatic departure from the traditional Jaguar look, with a modern dashboard design and the availability of aluminum trim in place of wood. This serves to bring Jaguar into the 21st century, though some might argue that a Jag without wood is like Tom Selleck without the mustache." -- Edmunds
  • "2010 Jaguar XK Series XK Contemporary with classic overtones, the XK interior has a bounty of high-tech elements framed by polished hardwoods and supple hand-stitched leather." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "Cabin materials are high quality and well-assembled. Standard wood or available aluminum trim each creates an inviting ambiance." -- Consumer Guide
  • "It's still distinctly British in ambience, but it competes with the industry's finest for quality of material, fit, and finish." -- Automobile Magazine


The 2010 XK features 2+2 seating. Reviewers agree that the front seats offer comfortable accommodations for average-size passengers, but find that the back seat is best reserved for small children or luggage.

  • "A true two-plus-two, it is a sports car in virtually every way. One enters by inserting one's right lower appendage into the footwell, then placing one's arse into the nicely-shaped bucket driver's seat, and then swiveling the aforementioned arse so that the left lower appendage is able to be tucked in." -- Left Lane News
  • "As in any Jaguar, comfort is a priority. The front seats adjust in too many ways to list and feature heating and cooling.  . . .The backseat, however, is suitable only for small children or emergency use, and even then, it had better be a major catastrophe. It's better than the 911's backseat, but that's pretty faint praise." -- Edmunds
  • "The XK's two-person backseat is amusing - as long as you don't have to sit back there. Very few people would be able to fit comfortably due to its nearly nonexistent legroom. The XK isn't a car in which you'd want to bring the kids along for the ride - or one you'd want to use for a double date. It's designed for the driver - and perhaps a passenger - but no one else." -- Cars.com

Interior Features

Critics admire the XK's advanced convenience features, but give its multipurpose touch screen interface mixed reviews.

  • "On all XKs, most radio and climate functions are incorporated into of the touch-screen navigation system, slowing and complicating their use; redundant steering-wheel controls help. Getting to some secondary controls requires drilling through a number of menus, which is a major distraction while driving." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The multipurpose touchscreen that controls audio, climate, navigation and phone systems is also pretty cool and simple in concept, but we've found it frustrating in practice, with slow processing times and a non-sensitive screen. The abundance of standard features it operates, however, is certainly welcome." -- Edmunds
  • "The video monitor in the center console also enables dual-zone climate controls, navigation, systems preferences, and communication options including Bluetooth functions. It is a model of simplicity, and one other manufacturers should take note of." -- Left Lane News
  • "Fancy features worked well and were easier to use than expected. Jag says it tried not to bury anything more than four layers deep in a menu. Most were much more accessible than that." -- USA Today


Auto writers report that the XK features respectable cargo space, but limited in-cabin storage.

  • "The XK coupe's trunk can hold about 11 cubic feet of cargo. With the top down, the XK convertible can still hold a respectable 8 cubic feet." -- Edmunds
  • "The coupe's hatchback design eases access to the luggage area. Rear seatbacks do not fold, however. Ordering the optional run-flat tires omits a spare tire and frees up additional cargo space beneath the floor. The cabin lacks small-item storage." -- Consumer Guide
  • "We were totally surprised with the available space in the rear of the liftback-equipped XK coupe. The finished cargo area featured 'case-glides' for ease of storing and removing large suitcases and bags. A nice touch indeed, it harkens back to the days where coachmaking was an art." -- Left Lane News

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