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2020 Jaguar I-Pace Performance Review


Performance: 9.3

When it comes to performance, there are few luxury hybrid and electric SUVs that can match the 2020 Jaguar I-Pace. It offers rapid acceleration off the line and good power on the highway. Accurate steering, all-wheel drive, and torque vectoring technology give this Jag the carlike handling and stability that make it a blast the drive. The I-Pace also boasts one of the longest ranges available from an EV crossover. There are two performance gripes, however, regarding powertrain efficiency under aggressive driving and brakes that are fairly strong but a little too harsh.

  • "The I-Pace's relatively inefficient use of electricity could be seen as another drawback, either because it ultimately limits range or you just want your EV to be as efficient as possible." -- Edmunds
  • "Overall, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace handles more like a tall car or hatchback than a traditional SUV. It's comfortable and quick. The surprising part is how agile it is off-road and on a track. … The I-Pace is not only the first EV for Jaguar, but is the first pure electric with this level of off-road capability. We also had a chance to push the vehicle on a track to get a feel of the all-wheel-drive capability. While I'm sure any heavy lapping would quickly drain the battery, it was instructive to feel how well the torque vectoring works in keeping the I-Pace pointed in the right direction when pushing the crossover hard through a corner." -- Kelley Blue Book (2019)
  • "It's quiet and quick, which is what you'd expect of a vehicle without an internal combustion engine and maximum torque on tap the moment you wriggle the big toe on your right foot. But what was also noticeable was a lovely fluidity to the chassis, steering, and powertrain. Some electric cars we've driven have a determinately digital demeanor; the refined and composed I-Pace feels organic and natural." -- Motor Trend (2019)

Acceleration and Power

The I-Pace has a pair of electric motors that generate a whopping 394 horsepower, which is plenty of power to move this hefty Jaguar with ease. In fact, it can sprint from zero to 60 mph in just over four seconds. The powertrain remains quiet, even at highway speeds. A single-speed transmission is standard.

On a full charge, you can drive the I-Pace up to 234 miles. It takes about 13 hours to charge the I-Pace with a 220-volt home charger. Charging the battery to 80% takes less than an hour with a 100 kW DC charger.

  • "The electric Jag is quick and responsive if you ask it to be. It ran a sports-car-beating 0-60 mph sprint of 4.2 seconds in our testing." -- Edmunds
  • "It's genuinely fun, much more so than your average crossover SUV. It accelerates with urgency at any speed, surging forward even on a highway at the sorts of speeds where lesser EVs are running out of steam. Yes, the acceleration is far short of Ludicrous, but still capable of embarrassing plenty of properly quick cars, including Jaguar's own F-Type in supercharged V6 form." -- CNET (2019)
  • "All this technology comes together seamlessly to provide a distinct driving experience. The instant torque provides acceleration best described as just short of neck-snapping. The I-Pace can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds on the way to a top speed of 124 miles per hour. That speed comes on so quickly it makes two-lane passing a breeze." -- Kelley Blue Book (2019)

Handling and Braking

The 2020 I-Pace has excellent handling, thanks in part to its standard all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension systems. Every model also comes with All Surface Progress Control, which is a cruise-control-like system that helps move the vehicle efficiently on slippery surfaces like snow and mud.  These features, along with a low center of gravity and quick steering, help this SUV maintain road grip and composure around sharp curves.

Unlike some rivals, the I-Pace's fun-to-drive nature doesn’t give it a harsh ride. Thanks to its standard all-wheel-drive system, the I-Pace is also capable of tackling some light off-road duties, which is rare for an EV.

The regenerative brakes have two settings, Low and High. You'll use Low if you want the brakes to feel more like those of a gas-powered car, and you can switch to High for more aggressive regenerative braking. The brakes have decent stopping power, but the transitions between friction and regenerative braking is not smooth.

  • "[The] unrefined braking … feels like an on-off toggle with no finesse. It makes it hard to stop smoothly in daily driving, even if emergency braking power is pretty good. Another issue: The I-Pace's lift-throttle regenerative braking isn't as strong as we'd like." -- Edmunds
  • "The best news about the Big Electric Cat is that it's actually enjoyable on the road. Some of this is because of its intrinsic design benefits. The heavy battery pack, housed in the floor, contributes to a low center of gravity as well as ideal 50/50 front/rear mass balance. Both of these aid not only in the vehicle's road-holding capabilities, but in its style of holding the road. Jaguar has always been adept at splitting the suspension difference between German plank and American couch, and the I-Pace follows this general trend, providing a ride that is connected without feeling overly harsh." -- Autoblog (2019)
  • "It was not hyperbole when I said the I-Pace could handle city streets, track driving and mountain climbing. … On the way to the race track, Jaguar wanted to show off the I-Pace's off-roading chops, which include a variable suspension with three settings, the taller one coming handy here, and Adaptive Surface Response on the First Edition model, which controls the throttle for you over rough conditions." -- Jalopnik (2019)
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