The Best 0% APR Car Deals in July

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July’s Best Interest-Free Car Deals

The 2017 calendar year is only half over, but automakers are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to clear out unsold 2017 models to make space for the 2018s. They have many ways to do this, including subsidized leases, cash incentives, and perhaps the most appealing for many customers, zero-percent financing.  

Here, we will take a look at some attractive interest-free car loans. As with all promotions by the auto industry, consumers should remember that not every offer is valid in every market. Dealer participation may also be required, which means you won’t find the offer at a dealership that has chosen not to take part in the promotion.

Zero-percent financing can save a buyer thousands of dollars when compared to conventional financing. However, these no-interest loans are often given only to buyers with strong credit histories. In addition, some of these zero-percent financing deals come in place of a cash rebate. Depending on the amount and length of the loan, consumers may be better off arranging for a conventional loan that charges interest and taking the rebate. Be sure to work these deals both ways to determine what is best for you.