The Best 0 APR Car Deals for December

2018 GMC Sierra 1500
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Head Into the New Year Interest Free

As 2018 finally takes its leave, there are no real surprises to be found in the best zero-percent financing deals for new cars. These are all 2018 models that manufacturers need to clear off the lots to make room for the shiny, new 2019 models that are already arriving. Often, the changes between old and new model years are minor, so choosing to save money on a 2018 car doesn’t have to mean sacrificing in categories that count, like infotainment or safety technology.

What is a little surprising is the variety of vehicles that have this low-APR deal, especially given rising interest rates. There are minivans, like the Chrysler Pacifica, as well as compact cars like the Nissan Sentra. Even the GMC Sierra 1500  full-size pickup (pictured above) is available with zero-percent financing in December.

Deals vary by region across the country, so be sure to check with local dealerships to see if these particular deals are available where you live. Also, rates might differ depending on the individual buyer’s credit rating. And finally, we do change our rankings as new information becomes available, so any scores mentioned here might not match what you find in the most up-to-date reviews.