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2020 Hyundai Venue


U.S. News Best Price Program

2020 Hyundai Venue Performance Review


Performance: 6.8

The 2020 Hyundai Venue is an all-new model from the Korean automaker. It features a four-cylinder engine that isn't overly impressive but still has enough juice for just about any driving situation. The Venue rides smoothly over most road surfaces, and it's easy to drive thanks to its small size and composed handling. When it comes to fuel economy, the Venue stands a bit above most of its classmates.

  • "On the whole, the Venue is pleasant to drive with nippy handling and adequate acceleration from its little engine." -- Autoblog
  • "Like many of the other fuel-sippers in the segment, the Venue's 1.6-liter engine takes some flogging to get moving at a decent pace. Accelerating at moderate to high speeds requires plenty of patience, and drivers looking to make a lane change will need to plan well ahead. The engine still sounds a bit unrefined at the top end of its operating range, but it is definitely improved over some of the previous engines in Hyundai's lineup." -- Edmunds
  • "Around town, the Venue feels quicker and more confident. Its small footprint, firm suspension, and quick helm make it easy to dart between lanes. While the engine's throttle response is a bit lazy, the Venue has enough grunt to motor away from stoplights without struggling to keep up with traffic. But we do wish the brake pedal felt more linear and had a stronger initial bite." -- Car and Driver

Acceleration and Power

The Venue features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 121 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual transmission comes standard, while a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) is available.

Though it's not overflowing with power, the engine gets the job done. Acceleration is leisurely, but the Venue moves quickly enough that you won't have to sweat passing maneuvers. The engine drones a bit at higher RPMs, but the CVT works well.

According to EPA estimates, the Venue gets 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway with the manual transmission and 30/34 mpg city/highway with the CVT. Those are good ratings for the subcompact SUV class.

  • "The engine produces 121 horsepower and 113 pounds-feet of torque. If that doesn't sound like a lot to you, you won't be surprised to learn that it doesn't feel like a lot. Accelerating from a stop is a gradual process; accelerator response isn't outstanding and power doesn't really come on until roughly 3,500 rpm." --
  • "… while I wouldn't call the Venue expressly slow, I wouldn't exactly call it a lively little thing, either. The four-pot makes a nice noise as the tachometer needle swings north, which helps distract from the fact that acceleration takes a little time to build up." -- CNET
  • "Despite a small amount of power, the Venue has comfortable if not quick acceleration. It certainly feels peppier than the Kicks, even though they both have similar power and weight. The engine thrashes and buzzes at high rpm. The CVT works fine, but has a bit of a rubber band-response to throttle inputs. The set ratios for the manual mode make it feel sportier, and it shifts between them smoothly and promptly." -- Autoblog

Handling and Braking

The Venue is incredibly short (it’s less than 13.5 feet long), making it easy to maneuver in tight quarters. With accurate steering and composed handling, this Hyundai also feels poised on winding roads. The ride is a bit firm over road imperfections, but it's generally comfortable. One thing to note: Because of its boxy, upright shape, the Venue can get a little unruly on windy days.

An available drive mode selector has three settings (Normal, Sport, and Snow) that alter the Venue's dynamics. Front-wheel drive comes standard. All-wheel drive is not available.

  • "What surprised me most about the Venue was how composed and balanced it felt even at highway speeds. While you'll still feel bumps and potholes and uneven pavement, especially because of the Venue's short, 99.2-inch wheelbase, it does a good job of isolating occupants and keeping the ride feeling smooth. Steering feel is also good for the class, but you'll never confuse the Venue for a sports car." --
  • "It was particularly blustery on my drive day in Miami, which reminded me that the flat sides of the car can make it feel a little skittish in crosswinds. … I find the Venue's ride to be as good as, if not better than, many of its competitors. By maxing out wheel sizes at 17 inches, all tires carry suitable sidewall to smooth out the ride over bad pavement. The slightly stiff body makes for a surprisingly engaging ride when you want it, and the suspension feels well tuned for the realities of urban commuting. It's a compelling package." -- CNET
  • "The Venue's steering is responsive, and its handling is poised in around-town driving. Despite the car's raised ride height, we didn't notice much body lean in curves. Our drivers still enjoyed tossing it through curves on winding rural roads even though nobody would confuse the Venue with a sports car." -- Consumer Reports
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2020 Hyundai Venue

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