5 Ways Your Car Can Get Hacked

Cybersecurity: 5 Ways Your Car Can Get Hacked
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Is Your Car In a Hacker’s Sights?

As automakers present more and more electronically advanced vehicles at this week’s Los Angeles International Auto Show, they’re also opening new avenues that can be exploited by hackers. As with most emerging technologies, innovation comes first, and security only comes later when pathways into the systems are discovered.

Breaking your window isn’t the only way that someone can get into your car. Rapid advances in technology have created new ways for intruders to access your vehicle, though most of the car hacks shown in news reports are about as likely as your car getting hit by an asteroid.

At least, those are the odds today. Tomorrow might be a different story as more cars are connected to one another, and become more automated.

It’s quite a scary scenario to think that someone can take command of your car as you’re driving, but that’s really the worst case scenario, and the hardest one for a hacker to pull off. Not only does the ne’er-do-well have to have to gain access to your car’s systems, but they have to have a reason for such a high-effort, low-reward crime.

Perhaps in a future of connected and autonomous cars, taking command and potentially causing cars to crash will be a tool of terrorists, but today the threat simply isn’t that realistic. Today, most hacks are targeted at stealing your car, its contents, or your data.

On the following slides, we look at the different pathways criminals take to hack into your car’s systems, and why they might want to.

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