How to Prevent Car Theft

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Here’s How to Make Your Car Less Attractive to Thieves

There’s a saying about being chased by a bear – you don’t need to outrun the bear, you just need to outrun your friends. Protecting your car from theft is kind of like that. You can make your car the most difficult to steal on your block or in a parking lot, making it less likely to be stolen out of the options available. A bear might go for the tastier-looking victim, and a car thief might, too.

We’re going to take a look at some ways to make your car less attractive to criminals. These ideas are worth considering even if car theft or vandalism isn’t a huge problem in your area. Your insurance company might even give you a discount if you use certain theft prevention products. The effectiveness of each of these tools and strategies may vary on their own, but again, the overall goal is to make thieves pass over your car in favor of an easier target. If you combine a few different techniques to make a clean getaway less likely, you’ll be in good shape.

While these suggestions may help deter thieves, a determined thief can ignore, or even bypass, some of these security devices and systems. And above all else, use common sense when parking, entering, and exiting your car.

Read on to see how to prevent car theft.

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