How Do I Change a Tire on My Car?

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3) Prepare Your Tools and Secure Your Vehicle

Once you have found a safe and level place, make sure the brake is set and the car is in Park (or in gear with the engine off for a manual transmission). Make sure the front tires are pointing straight ahead and lock the steering column by removing the key from the ignition.

If you are replacing a rear tire, place a wheel chock or large rock in front of the front tire on the other side of the car. When you are replacing a front tire, block the opposite rear tire. It’s a good idea to carefully bounce your spare once you take it out of your trunk, just to make sure it is inflated to the proper air pressure. The last thing you want to do it replace a flat tire with a flat spare tire.

“It’s nice to have a pair of gloves,” says Calkins, “It just makes the job of changing a tire a bit more comfortable.”

Lay out your spare tire, the car jack, and all of the needed tools, then you're ready to start changing the tire. If your emergency flashers are on your hatch or your trunk lid, close them to make sure that the hazard lights are visible to traffic.

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