How Do I Change a Tire on My Car?

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2) Decide If You Need Help

If you are at the edge of a bustling road, the weather is horrible, or you are otherwise concerned for your safety, it's time to call for help. Many new vehicles come with complimentary roadside assistance, and if you have a membership with AAA or another auto club, it's probably a good time to use it.

“Safety is always the number one priority,” says AAA’s Calkins.

Is your car a traffic hazard? If it is blocking a lane, sticking into traffic, or hard to see around a blind corner, it’s time to call 911 so they can respond and safely steer other motorists around you.

According to AAA, about a third of new vehicles don’t come with spare tires. If the amount of damage to your tire exceeds what the included temporary tire repair kit is capable of handling, you’ll have to call for help. 

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