How Much Truck Do You Really Need?

2016 Chevy Colorado
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Bigger Isn't Always Better

Now is a great time to shop for a new pickup or work truck. They’re getting more powerful, more efficient, and there a number of new or updated entries in the compact and midsize classes. Full size pickups remain the most plentiful options, though, and the default class for most truck buyers. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that you don’t necessarily need to run out and buy the biggest truck you can afford.

We know it’s tempting to have the best and brightest truck on the block, but there’s something to be said for restraint, too — mainly that many consumers pay a lot of money to buy a truck that’s much bigger than what they actually need. Let’s take a look at some common truck jobs, which will give some valuable insight into just how much truck you really do need. You might be surprised to discover that some towing scenarios require less power than you expected.

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