Honda Odyssey Repairs & Maintenance

Last Updated: January 25, 2018

Honda Odyssey Problems and Repairs

The Honda Odyssey remains a popular choice among minivan shoppers, but it does have a few technical issues you should know about. If you're considering a used Honda Odyssey, schedule a pre-purchase inspection with a mechanic to make sure the minivan is in good condition before you buy. You may also want to consider a certified pre-owned Odyssey, which is a used model that has undergone an inspection from a certified Honda dealer and comes with additional warranty coverage.

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Here are some common problems and complaints about the Odyssey as reported by owners to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Honda Odyssey Common Problems

Honda redesigned the Odyssey for the 2018 model year, so it will take some time before any common problems are identified with this redesigned model. However, the previous Odyssey generation (2011 through 2017) has received numerous complaints about transmission clunks, hesitant gear changes, and vibrations felt when using the brakes.

These automatic transmission problems stem from the Odyssey's torque converter. When the Odyssey's lock-up clutch within the converter engages at higher speeds to provide better fuel economy, it can cause a harsh clunk or shudder. New transmission software is available to smooth out the clutch engagement. Depending on the model year, the transmission fluid may need to be flushed to make the clunking stop. Because of these issues, Honda has extended the Odyssey's powertrain warranty to cover torque converter problems for up to 10 years or 105,000 miles (2011 and 2012 models only). You can contact your local Honda dealership to see if this and other updates are available for your vehicle.

The third-generation Honda Odyssey (2005 through 2010) has also received complaints about transmission clunks due to similar lock-up clutch issues. A transmission software update is available for these vehicles as well. Other common complaints include a power steering whine, reduced steering assistance at low speeds, and poor brake performance. Honda identified a power steering pump fault as the cause of these steering issues, and it extended the warranty coverage for these vehicles. If a clicking or popping noise occurs while turning, this may also indicate faulty outer CV joints. Notably, Honda issued two brake recalls for the 2005 through 2008 model years. One covers a master cylinder brake fluid leak that can develop over time, and the other involves a defect that can allow air bubbles into the brake system.

Some Odyssey owners have also experienced engine misfiring and excessive oil consumption due to faulty piston rings. As a result, Honda has offered an eight-year/unlimited-mileage extended warranty to cover these repairs for affected 2008 through 2013 models.

Honda Odyssey Recalls

Use the links below to find recalls for all Honda Odyssey model years. Notably, the 2002 through 2004 Odyssey models are affected by the Takata airbag recall. The airbags in these vehicles must be replaced due to a safety fault that could cause them to explode.


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