2018 Honda Odyssey


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2018 Honda Odyssey Performance Review


Performance: 8.9

The redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey boasts better performance than its predecessors. Its handling is comfortable, its suspension smooths out bumps in the road, it takes corners with little body lean, and it has communicative steering. The extra horsepower it has gained for 2018 moves the Odyssey along nicely, and it has good acceleration in the city and on the highway. The minivan is also predicted to get good fuel economy.

  • "Thankfully, the Odyssey is still the best handling minivan. If an engaging driving experience is important, get the Odyssey." -- Autotrader
  • "We have considered the Odyssey the best-driving minivan for some time. While no box on wheels is going to be truly sporty, the Odyssey has traditionally given its driver a sense of road through the steering and relatively taut suspension tuning. For the 2018 Odyssey, Honda developed a more sophisticated steering system and rear suspension. Along with a significantly stiffer body structure (compared to last year's van), the changes are meant to improve the Odyssey's precision and handling ability when going around turns. While we haven't had a chance to fully test the new van yet, our initial impression is favorable. From the driver's seat, the new Odyssey has an almost sedanlike feel to it and gives you confidence in its abilities should you need to make a sudden turn or lane change." -- Edmunds
  • "We found that not only was the Odyssey a breeze to drive, despite its size, it was sometimes even (dare we say it?) fun." -- Autoblog

Acceleration and Power

The Honda Odyssey comes with a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission. A 10-speed automatic transmission is available. Both transmissions shift smoothly. The 2018 model gets 32 more horsepower than last year's Odyssey, providing confident acceleration around town and on the highway. Despite its size and heavy weight, the Odyssey doesn't struggle to move along.

The Odyssey gets above-average gas mileage estimates of 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

  • Acceleration is adequate thanks to a 3.5 liter V6 that makes 280 hp. It's connected to a 9-speed automatic transmission – there's a 10-speed automatic in the upper trim levels. It doesn't feel super quick but is much like other minivans. The 10-speed is the version we drove and our early impression is that it might be a good alternative to CVTs – shifts are smooth and gearing is just right." -- Autotrader
  • The V6 supplies enough power for confident acceleration, and the 10-speed transmission on the top-line models is responsive and smooth. We've noticed that some 9- and 10-speed transmissions sometimes seem to 'hunt' for the correct gear in our testing, but that wasn't the case here. However, the push-button gear selector – a feature lifted from the top-trim Pilot and the latest Acuras – takes a bit of getting used to." -- Consumer Guide
  • "When it's fully packed with people, drivers will appreciate that the new Odyssey has 280 hp, up 32 from last year. This updated engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic in most versions. The Touring and Elite versions get a new, slick 10-speed automatic transmission-a world first in a front-drive vehicle, according to Honda. Odyssey powertrains have always been smooth, but this makes clear advances, with more low-end power and seamless shifts (with the 10-speed we sampled). Acceleration is swift, and around-town cruising is effortless and well-mannered." -- Consumer Reports

Handling and Braking

The 2018 Odyssey has comfortable handling that soaks up bumps and dips in the pavement. It has little body roll around corners and responsive steering. Front-wheel drive is standard.

  • "The minivan's ride is very comfortable, lending it a premium feel. Most pavement flaws are easily absorbed. Handling is sound and responsive. By contrast, this Odyssey makes the recently tested Toyota Sienna seem old, noisy, and outclassed." -- Consumer Reports
  • "The Odyssey's steering is extremely precise and offers solid feedback ... but so does the new Chrysler Pacifica. Where the Odyssey pulls ahead is body roll control around corners and through transitions. Its four-wheel independent suspension balances a smooth ride with minimal lean through turns, all tied to that perfectly-weighted multi-function steering wheel." -- Forbes
  • "Ride quality is as impressive as the handling. The Odyssey has an all-new rear suspension and reworked front suspension, and they're dialed. No fancy adjustable shocks here, just solid tuning. It rides over bumps big and small, hardly noticing them. Little shake or noise is transmitted to the interior. In fact, almost nothing from the outside world gets inside." -- Motor Trend
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