2007 Honda Fit


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2007 Honda Fit Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2007 Honda Fit was new.


Interior: 8.4

For the most part, reviewers find the 2007 Honda Fit's interior is roomier and more luxurious than expected. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says, "The interior has a quality look about it, enhanced by the fact that the large and readable instruments have daytime backlighting, a feature that is found mainly on luxury cars when it exists at all." 

Some test drivers, however, disagree and feel that material quality in the Fit could be better. CNET explains reviewers' conflicted feelings about the Fit's interior best when it writes, "the most impressive feature of the Honda Fit is its incredible interior space" but later, "although the interior is for the most part cleverly designed, large quantities of plastic and fabric still give the Honda Fit an entry-level feel." Motor Week, on the other hand, finds those large quantities of plastic in the five-seater "high grade" and calls the overall look "stylish."


Reviewers make much of the 2007 Honda Fit's second row "Magic Seat," which is capable of folding into several variations of seating, reclining or cargo space. In fact, the reviews highlight the second row of seats so much that little to no mention is made of the front seats. Kelley Blue Book sums up the interior design as "clever," while the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calls it "a Swiss army knife." All configurations are detailed on the Honda website.

To most reviewers, the leg-, hip- and headroom are adequate for this car, especially when compared with its class competitors. As MSN reports, "passengers in the Fit's front and back seats sit more upright than expected, which aids legroom," and Motor Trend finds the Fit's seats supportive with good headroom and "the most hip room" of comparable cars.

Motor Trend's endorsement of seat support is not widely shared. CNET, for example, expresses a "lack of lumbar support" that "could prove problematic on long road trips," and Consumer Guide finds the seat cushions "a bit skimpy for larger folk." Although the Fit is built to seat five, the Chicago Sun-Times suggests that "only four tall adults have decent room ... the middle of the rear seat is too hard for comfort." Kelley Blue Book takes issue with the lack of an inside arm rest.

Interior Features

As Motor Trend sums up, the 2007 Honda Fit is "the best equipped car in its small class," and several auto reviewers agree. Honda's tradition is to load up its vehicles with standard features while providing limited additional options, and this model is no different. Standard features for both trims of the 2007 Honda Fit include an air-conditioning/air filtration system, power windows and door locks, adjustable steering column, five cupholders, deep-pocket storage bins, and side seatback pockets. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel likes the "daytime backlighting, a feature that is found mainly on luxury cars when it exists at all." The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on the other hand, finds the gauges easy to read when "illuminated with a nice bluish tint at night." MSN says some of the interior features show cost-cutting. "For example, inside door handles are small and feel cheap. And the driver's sun visor has an unlit vanity mirror, while the passenger sun visor has no vanity mirror," the review reads.

The Honda Fit's Sport trim also comes standard with cruise control and a perforated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Stereo and Entertainment

The base model of the 2007 Honda Fit has a 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with four speakers, but reviewers favor the Fit Sport's standard audio package, which includes a 200-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with six speakers, a five-mode equalizer, capability to play MP3/Windows Media Audio and an MP3 auxiliary jack. Edmunds really enjoys the sound quality: "We were expecting a compromised audio system given the car's price and size, but we were pleasantly surprised by the fullness of the sound ... [B]ecause the Fit Sport has six speakers rather than the standard model's four, the additional door-mounted tweeters provide nice detail. The highs are bright and clear without being shrill or distracting."


Reviewers find that the 2007 Honda Fit's "Magic Seat" exhibits its strongest assets with its cargo capabilities. This configuration, which "effortlessly provides outstanding flexibility ... like an origami creation," -- to use Edmunds' expression -- is aided by Honda's decision to place the gas tank under the front seat as opposed to its traditional post below rear seats. As the Los Angeles Times reports, this creates "a wondrous widget of automotive packaging ... this seemingly minor rearrangement opens up Alice-in-Wonderland space inside the Fit's subcompact rabbit hole."

The front Magic Seat has the ability to move to four different configurations. There is, of course, "normal" mode, which allows seating for five and adequate cargo room for a week's worth of groceries, in Edmunds' view. Next is "tall" mode, lowering both the front passenger seat and half the Magic Seat to allow for more than 4 feet of space from floor to ceiling. In "refresh" mode the Magic Seat is reclined while the front passenger seat is flipped down to create "a chaise lounge on wheels," as Kelley Blue Book finds. Finally, in "utility" mode, the rear seats lay flat, which Honda claims allows for 41.9 cubic feet of cargo space. The four Magic Seat configurations are shown in pictures on the Honda website.

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