2008 Honda Accord


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2008 Honda Accord Performance Review

Note: This performance review was created when the 2008 Honda Accord was new.


Performance: 8.1

Reviewers generally approve of the 2008 Honda Accord's modified ride quality and increased engine power.

There are two four-cylinder engine choices and a V6. The base draws mixed reviews while the two larger engines are better received. Some reviewers also took shots at the five-speed automatic transmission, but as a whole, the lineup is well received.

  • "What is shocking is how much better the new Accord drives even in its cheapest form." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "The new Accord's ride quality is an improvement over the outgoing model because it offers softer tuning that should appeal to more family-sedan buyers while still delivering the sporty driving feel the car is known for." -- Cars.com
  • "More power equals more fun and more safety when passing and merging." -- USA Today
  • "The Accords I've driven in the past have all been pretty fun, light and quick to the helm, a little feisty. … But I must say, the new Accord won't make anyone laugh those roller-coaster laughs." -- Los Angeles Times

Acceleration and Power

The aggressive power of the 2008 Honda Accord's top-end engine - a 256 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 - has made it the clear favorite among auto critics. The midlevel 190-hp four-cylinder, which comes with standard EX and EX-L models, meets most reviewers' standards.  The base powertrain - a 177-hp four cylinder that comes standard on the LX and LX-P - is considered an adequate cruiser for the budget-minded.

According to the EPA, the 2008 Accord gets between 19 and 22 miles per gallon in the city and 29 to 31 mpg on highways. Also check out full specs for the different Accord models.

  • "For the most mileage-minded of customers, there's a 177-horsepower in-line four. It delivers acceptable levels of acceleration, but the word, 'anemic' might come to mind. A nice compromise can be found in the form of the 190-hp in-line four." -- The Car Connection
  • "The 2.4-liter, 190-hp four is a sweetheart. It is powerful enough to be fun and to avoid anxious moments pulling into fast-moving traffic or the passing lane." -- USA Today
  • The EX trim's "190-hp four-cylinder has more-than-adequate power, though its high-speed passing performance isn't as strong as the V-6's. The engine is also notably louder than the V-6, and its automatic isn't as smooth; upshifts can be a little jerky at times." -- Cars.com
  • "For many buyers, the 190-hp Four's silken operation and seamless power delivery will mean a V6 is beside the point." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "I drove the EX-L with the 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is…an amazing lump of technology." -- Los Angeles Times

Handling and Braking

Most professional reviews note how the new Accord's enhanced suspension system ensures confident handling and secure braking. But a small group report the need for more fine-tuning.

  • "A drive in the new Accord showed that the car's big ace in the hole -- fun, European-style handling in contrast to Camry's softer ride -- was very much intact." -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • "Honda has found the sweet spot here, with a driving experience that rivals the sporty characteristics of the Nissan Altima, without the Altima's stiff ride on rough surfaces, while equaling the Toyota Camry's ride smoothness, without its floaty, unsure responses on winding roads." -- Cars.com
  • "When you turn the Accord's steering wheel, it cuts with a sharpness that is unique among family sedans and carves a path so accurately that you can position the car exactly where you want it. The Accord's brakes and shifter are similarly precise and satisfying." -- Car and Driver
  • "Honda talks about its new variable-rate steering for solid on-center feel, but on center, the Accord's steering feel is as numb as a phantom limb. It does have a quick overall rack ratio, however." -- Los Angeles Times

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