2008 Honda Accord


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2008 Honda Accord Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2008 Honda Accord was new.


Interior: 8.4

The 2008 Honda Accord's ultra-spacious cabin pleases the majority of the experts who took it for a test drive. Reviews especially praise the sedan's sporty seating and upscale features, and the Accord's very good interior score is slotted ahead of most of the midsize class.

  • "The Accord's interior is comfortable, elegant and loaded with technology." -- Detroit News
  • "The 2008 Accord has rich styling, inside and out, and has the roomiest interior in more than its 30-year history." -- MSN
  • "The 2008 Accord sedan is significantly larger than the outgoing model -- 3 inches longer, 2.3 inches more wheelbase and almost an inch taller -- and the interior is gawdamighty huge, a full 120 cubic feet, which puts this midsize car in the Environmental Protection Agency's full-size category." -- Los Angeles Times
  • Compared to the 2008 Chevy Malibu, "the Accord plays it safe with as conventional an interior as in any car on the road. GM's designers, on the other hand, have done a bang-up job in obscuring the inferior quality of some of the Malibu's materials, primarily by using color in an optional two-tone scheme. You will realize the brilliance of GM's smoke and mirrors when you feel just how deficient the Malibu's two major touchpoints -- its steering wheel and seats -- are compared to those in the Honda." -- Wall Street Journal
  • "Interior styling is clearly an evolution, but with far more flair. The dash sweeps up and away for an expansive feel. Trim is bolder and brighter, dipping for an artistic center stack that still features large controls and a display screen." -- Motor Week

Front Seats

According to a majority of the experts, the Accord's stretched wheelbase makes both front and rear rows look and feel roomier than most of the affordable midsize class.

  • "Compared to its key competitors, such as the Toyota Camry, Saturn Aura and Nissan Altima, the Accord sedan offers more front leg room and remains near the top in most space categories." -- Detroit News
  • "The new car features sportier seats, but ones that are quite comfortable over long distances." -- The Car Connection
  • "The seats are broad and plush and well separated for more elbowroom, or for massively overburdened hips." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "The front bucket seats…have good side bolstering to hold you in place during fast cornering." -- Cars.com

Rear Seats

  • "Back seat riders benefit most, getting, Honda says, an inch or more extra leg and knee room. There's enough back there to be comfortable, even when front seats are far back." -- USA Today
  • "The rear seat is roomy even for three adults." -- Motor Week

Interior Features

Honda has long had a reputation for quality interior design and amenities, and reviewers report the 2008 Accord is no different. In fact, most agree that cabin quality has improved.

  • "The new Accord's cabin treads ever-closer to the domain of Honda's luxury brand, Acura, with its use of high-quality materials, good fit and finish and the adoption of an optional knob-based navigation system in place of the car's previous touch-screen setup." -- Cars.com
  • "The upscale sound system was fantastic on satellite radio, and we did not mind at all that its controls were on the same screen as the navi system." -- MarketWatch
  • "Filters on the liquid-crystal display (LCD) readouts make them -- finally -- legible rather than invisible to people who wear polarized sunglasses. Cut glare, too." -- USA Today
  • "The dashboard is laid out in a sort of dual-cockpit mode. Gauges and controls are particularly well placed, Honda engineers explaining their goal was to reduce the amount of time a driver had to look away from the road. They succeeded well." -- The Car Connection
  • "The speedometer, fuel, temperature, and navigation screen are on the top level for easy driver viewing. The center panel has different configurations depending on the model, with the nonnavigation versions being totally intuitive." -- Boston Globe


In previous years, Honda's satellite-linked navigation system featured a touchscreen, but new Accords receive a rotary knob positioned in the middle of the dashboard. Opinions on this new setup, as well as the system's practicality, are split.

  • "To get a simple trip computer to track your fuel economy or tell you how many miles you have to find a fuel station before you run dry, well, you have to get the pricey navigation system in the pricey EX-L." -- USA Today
  • "The Accord's intuitive DVD-based navigation system -- featuring an 8-inch screen and Zagat restaurant ratings -- is further enhanced by an accurate and easy-to-use voice-recognition system." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • With the advent of the control knob, Honda's 8-inch LCD is no longer a touchscreen, so it's mounted at the very top of the center stack for better visibility. It's deeply hooded and is just about the best display of any car, except for the BMW 3 Series convertible's; it uses a transflective display that gets brighter in sunlight instead of dimmer." -- Technoride
  • "A new single controller for the navigation system replaces the touch screen and allowed Honda to move the nav screen into the driver's line of sight." -- AutoWeek
  • "While the navigation screen is set deep in the dash and raised higher -- making it easy to read -- the single knob control took awhile to get used to operating. Worst yet, the knob looks like a dashboard goiter." -- Detroit News
  • "The knob controller is not too hard to get used to, but there will be people who lament the loss of the touch-screen." -- Cars.com
  • CNET editors report Accord models with Bluetooth connectivity are not as easy-to-use. "Although the Bluetooth system works well enough, it suffers from the same lack of integration as we've criticized in Acura models. You access Bluetooth using voice command, through a set of buttons on the steering wheel. But there is also a separate voice-command system to control navigation, the stereo, and other car functions. This other voice-command system has its own set of buttons stacked with the others on the steering wheel. We would like to have these systems integrated so that you would only need one set of buttons." -- CNET


Generally, reviewers express disappointment that extra space for passengers in the new Accord has not resulted in extra space for cargo.

  • "Trunk space is 14 cubic feet in a fairly useful shape, and the contents need not be heaved waist-high to load in. The rear seatbacks fold for more room. A lock is provided on the pass-through behind the armrest on some models." -- New Car Test Drive
  • "Where the Accord comes up short is in the execution of its folding rear seat. The seat isn't split like the Altima's and Camry's, which means you can't fold down a portion for extra cargo-carrying room and still carry a passenger in the backseat; you have to choose one or the other." -- Cars.com
  • "Unlike rivals, the folding seat is not split for versatility. There is a ski-style pass-through to the 14 cubic-foot trunk that is one of the smallest in its class." -- Motor Week
  • "The new model's interior grows to 106 cubic feet, giving it more passenger room than the Ford Fusion, Nissan Maxima and Altima, Camry and Aura. At just 14 cubic feet, however, the Accord's trunk space offers less luggage space than any of those models." -- Detroit Free Press
  • "Honda carries over its long tradition of having a rear seat back that folds forward so the trunk can hold awkwardly long packages, but it would be nice if Honda followed the leads of many other carmakers and did 60/40 split/folding back seats. If you're going to offer a convenience, then make it wholly convenient." -- San Francisco Chronicle
  • "Two-tier cubby in the cabinet between the console and dashboard is well-designed to hold phones or other items that otherwise would occupy the cup holder. Many automakers waste that space or arrange it poorly. Seems trivial but makes quite a difference in how pleasant a car is to use in everyday life." -- USA Today

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