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2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Performance Review


Performance: 8.4

The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid performs admirably for a hybrid car. The Accord scoots up to speed quickly, and it returns good fuel economy. It’s also athletic yet comfortable to drive. Passing power is adequate at highway speeds, but it can be a bit underwhelming.

  • "As for its … hybrid powertrain, it differs from Toyota’s hybrid system by relying almost exclusively on the electric motor for propulsion. The engine mostly acts as a generator for the battery. For 2021 Honda says it has enhanced power delivery for additional smoothness." -- Autotrader
  • "Press the gas pedal, and you'll get an instant response from the battery, followed by the additional power from the engine. The plethora of power combined with the well-balanced steering and suspension show why the Accord continues to be the benchmark in the segment." -- Motor Trend
  • "So how is the driving experience? The answer is long, but it can be summed up in three words: Pretty darn good." -- Automobile Magazine (2018)

Engine Options, Horsepower, and Acceleration

  • Powertrain: 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors with a combined 212 horsepower
  • Drivetrain: front-wheel drive
  • Transmission: continuously variable automatic (CVT)

The Honda Accord Hybrid zips around town and up to speed quickly, thanks to its powerful electric motors. Throttle response is quick at low speeds but somewhat delayed at highway speeds, which can make for leisurely passing maneuvers accompanied by a buzzy engine note.

  • "Honda's improvements to the powertrain have indeed worked. Not only is the engine quieter and more refined, but it's also less prone to use excessive (and noisy) revving when you ask for a little more acceleration." -- Edmunds
  • "The electric motor gets the car off the line quickly, but throttle response at speed is disappointing. It’s a one potato, two potato, thr- count from when your foot goes down to when the Accord Hybrid begins its surge forward. Similar to a turbocharged engine building boost, the Accord scoots once it’s caught up to your foot." -- Autoblog
  • "The lone letdown is that the engine makes the same sort of moaning noises when pressed … With its revs soaring and hanging when merging onto the highway, the vocalizations are less than pleasant. Fortunately the engine's output is muted overall, and it's only under hard acceleration that you'll really notice the strained sounds." -- CNET (2018)

MPG Estimates

The Honda Accord Hybrid gets an EPA-rated 48 mpg in the city and on the highway. That’s good for a hybrid car but not class-leading. The 19-inch wheels of the Touring model reduce fuel economy to 44/41 mpg city/highway.

Handling and Braking

The Accord Hybrid has composed driving dynamics. The Accord feels stable around turns, its steering is responsive, and its brakes provide firm yet consistent stopping power. The suspension soaks up most bumps and dips in the road comfortably as well.

  • "Just as we found in our last Accord Hybrid review, this one can tear up a twisty section of road and leave you grinning at the end. Its composure through back-to-back corners is laudable … It’s just stiff enough to give the driver total confidence to keep pushing, and it’s frankly astonishing how well this big, front-drive sedan handles." -- Autoblog
  • "On the road, the Accord Hybrid exhibits a fair amount of grip, and the suspension feels wonderfully comfortable." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "The Accord's chassis is well sorted and encourages the driver to push the car hard through corners, where it exhibits a minimal amount of body roll. The steering is light, as befits a car in this class, but we wouldn't mind if it transmitted a little more feedback from the road. Still, it's hard to complain about a helm that's accurate and predictable. The Accord's ride is firmly controlled but never harsh, which helps it strike a winning balance between a sports sedan and a practical family car." -- Car and Driver
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2021 Honda Accord Hybrid

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