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2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Performance Review

Note: This performance review was created when the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid was new.


Performance: 8.3

Test drivers say that the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid offers plenty of power, a transmission that’s quick to respond and fantastic fuel economy. The Accord Hybrid also impresses reviewers with agile handling and a comfortable ride.

  • "The Accord Hybrid sedan, meanwhile, offers an easy way to earn exceptional fuel economy. Its transition from gasoline engine to electric power is smooth. The only obtrusion we experienced from the hybrid was a whine from the electric powertrain likely to be heard only by canines and human passengers whose ears can still sense higher frequencies." -- Kelley Blue Book 
  • "Apart from the rare times when you demand everything its 2.0-liter gasoline engine and electric drive motor have to give, the Accord Hybrid is also as refined and peaceful inside as any well-insulated family sedan." -- Edmunds 
  • "Built on the 2013 Accord platform, the new hybrid delivers solid performance whether hypermiling or just cruising in a more traditional fashion." -- Motor Trend (2014)
  • "With all that hype, I almost expected the Accord Hybrid to fall short, kind of a too-good-to-be-true situation. But on my two-hour morning drive I matched the 47 mpg combined rating (our drive was mostly on country roads with 55-mph speed limits), and on an afternoon city driving loop I saw indicated fuel economy numbers in the mid-60s." -- Jean Knows Cars (2014)

Acceleration and Power

The 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid has a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine and an electric motor that together make 196 horsepower. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is standard. The Accord Hybrid earns an EPA-estimated 50/45 mpg city/highway, which is excellent for a midsize hybrid sedan.

Reviewers report that the 2015 Accord Hybrid is quick for a hybrid car, with plenty of power off the line and a responsive CVT. While some write that the engine can be a bit noisy during hard acceleration, most test drivers are pleased with the Accord Hybrid’s remarkable fuel economy.

  • "Because of clever engineering, the powertrain doesn't require a conventional transmission, and fuel economy is impressive: 50/45 mpg (47 combined)." -- Left Lane News
  • "With its strong electric motor and gasoline engine working together, the 2015 Accord Hybrid accelerates briskly for a nonluxury-brand hybrid. The CVT also works very well and allows the powertrain to quickly respond to your gas pedal inputs." -- Edmunds 
  • "Lovely and instant electric torque is available when you get going, but instead of that great EV silence when you stomp on the gas, an engine whine that will sound familiar to Prius drivers filters its way into the cabin. When you're not demanding much acceleration (that is, most of the time in daily commuting), you won't notice the engine kicking in or turning off." -- Autoblog (2014)
  • "The electronic continuously variable transmission also works better than most CVTs. It avoids heavy whines and provides nice pauses during heavy acceleration to give it a feel of a regular gear-based slush box." -- Motor Trend (2014)

Handling and Braking

Auto critics say the Honda Accord Hybrid has secure handling, and some report that it’s even a bit sporty on a winding road. A few test drivers think the Accord Hybrid’s steering is well-weighted and delivers good road feel, while others say it’s a little vague. Still, the Accord Hybrid pleases reviewers with its comfortable ride.

  • "We do like how the 2015 Accord Hybrid strikes a near-perfect balance between a supple ride and engaging handling. It's well-balanced around turns and the steering gives you a decent feel of the road." -- Edmunds 
  • "The Accord Hybrid may not be the kind of car you'd drive around the winding roads of Texas hill country if you could pick anything, but it was stable and sure-footed, and it handled the bends in the road with the composure of a much sportier car." -- Jean Knows Cars (2014)
  • "We spent more time paying attention to the nicely weighted steering that kept us true on the highway but was responsive enough that we felt we could avoid any surprised that might dart out into the road." -- Autoblog (2014)
  • The steering is a little numb and the return to center did not have much snap, but my expectation for most midsize sedans is not one of sports-car feel." -- Motor Trend (2014)

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