2007 Honda Accord Hybrid


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2007 Honda Accord Hybrid Performance Review

Note: This performance review was created when the 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid was new.


Performance: 7.9

The Honda Accord Hybrid, according to reviewers, offers a muscular, responsive ride. BusinessWeek says, "For all of the talk about environmental responsibility and fuel efficiency and scrubbed emissions, the clean little secret is that the Honda Accord Hybrid is a potent, spirited performer."

Forbes calls the Accord Hybrid "a marvel" because "it outperforms the standard V6 model, which is already quick for a midsize sedan, and it gets better gas mileage than the four-cylinder Accord." Honda's commitment to performance and not just fuel economy is "evident when you push on the accelerator pedal," reports Kelley Blue Book. "This thing goes."


A 3.0-liter V6 is largely responsible for powering the Accord Hybrid. An electric motor works with the gasoline engine to increase power and improve fuel economy, and captures energy during braking and deceleration. The result is 253 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque. At the outset, reports Automobile Magazine, "acceleration is relatively swift, with power delivered smoothly in a satisfying rush." The Kansas City Star finds, "The Hybrid's performance is impressive. It is quicker than a regular Accord because the electric motor adds boost during acceleration." Once at cruising speed, CNET writes, the Accord Hybrid performs "competently on the highway."

The V6 engine also shuts down three cylinders to conserve fuel at cruising speeds. The Chicago Tribune claims, "The switch from six to three cylinders is seamless. There's no jolt or sudden loss of power." The technology, reviewers note, is transparent. Forbes says, "The car switches motors, deactivates and activates cylinders, and does what it should, when it should." The most common complaint voiced by reviewers concerns the Accord Hybrid's auto-stop system, which turns off the gasoline engine while the vehicle is temporarily stopped -- in traffic, for instance. Kelley Blue Book mentions "abrupt, noticeable transitions between gasoline-only propulsion and electric assist."

The Accord Hybrid gets an EPA estimated 24 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway. Edmunds points out, "This is a good rating for a V6, but it's about the same mileage as a four-cylinder Accord gets." About.com calculates, "At 12,000 highway miles per year the fuel savings over a conventional V6-powered Accord is around 70 gallons per year."

The engine is paired with a conventional five-speed automatic transmission. Using this instead of a continuously variable transmission, such as those found on some other hybrids, explains Cars.com, "makes the car feel more natural for people who are most comfortable with cars that behave as they always have." The Accord hybrid also comes with grade logic control. This, says the Washington Post, "eliminates the annoying, transmission-wearing, constant downshifting (more commonly called 'gear hunting') associated with driving uphill in cars with traditional automatic transmissions."

Handling and Braking

The Accord Hybrid handles like a regular Accord, reviewers find, and they largely judge this to be a good thing. As Cars.com puts it, "For all practical purposes, the Hybrid is an Accord. It rides like one -- a little firm -- and handles similarly." Also, "like all Accords," writes Automobile Magazine, the hybrid's double wishbone front and five-link double wishbone rear suspension "remains connected to the road, communicating as appropriate, and isolating harshness." Newsday notes that it's "somewhat more biased than most German sedans toward comfort, rather than performance." The Chicago Tribune points out that the Accord Hybrid "sits low with a wide stance for stability in corners without leaning or having to make wide sweeps."

Some reviewers are not pleased with the steering. The Detroit News says it "feels too vague," while Car and Driver asserts that it "has an unwelcome numbness on-center, either from the electric assist or the high-mount tie rods used in this application." The Orlando Sentinel suggests it "needs work to improve road feel." Edmunds is in the minority, praising the steering for its "slick, precise feel."

Reviewers are divided about the Accord Hybrid's anti-lock disc brakes. "Because they play a part in recharging the battery pack," says Cars.com, "the brakes feel a little alien." By capturing energy from the brakes that would otherwise be lost as heat, the car charges its battery. Automobile Magazine notices a "telltale drag when the regenerative brakes engage." Edmunds finds, "Brake feel is reassuring," but notes, "the Accord's stopping distances are a bit longer than we'd like."

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