Subaru vs. Honda: Battle of the Brands in 2017

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Which Japanese Automaker Is Better?

Subaru vs. Honda arguments are the stuff internet message boards were made for. They’re both Japanese brands with large, loyal followings. They both made their name on affordability and practicality, but they both also produced iconic performance cars. And both Subarus and Hondas are cherished by their owners. Last month, did a study to find out which vehicles were still owned by their original buyers after 10 years. The only vehicle in the top 10 that wasn’t made by Honda or Toyota was the Subaru Forester.

Subaru and Honda compete in most of the same segments. They have popular compact SUVs, as well as efficient and affordable commuter cars. The biggest distinguishing characteristic is Subaru’s focus on all-wheel drive vehicles made with mountainous conditions in mind.

People fall hard for these two brands, but which one is really better in 2017?

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