Honda vs. Hyundai: Battle of the Brands in 2020

2020 Hyundai Veloster (Top) / 2020 Honda Civic (Bottom)
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Is Honda or Hyundai More Likely to Meet Your Needs?

Honda, one of the Japanese automakers known primarily for its practical and reliable vehicles, offers a fine-tuned lineup of cars and SUVs. Honda produces models in almost every major category of vehicle, and a couple of the minor segments, as well. Hyundai has long been perceived as an underdog in the American vehicle market, but the company has significantly improved the quality of its models. In doing so, Hyundai has earned buyers’ trust with a class-leading warranty and seriously sophisticated designs, resulting in a well-deserved image as a leader in terms of value.

To see which automaker is better overall, we’ll take a look at each brand’s current offerings in each vehicle category in which they compete, using data from our reviews to determine a winner.

This article reflects the most current information available at the time of publication, but automakers’ lineups change constantly and new information becomes available all the time. That means some of the data in this article may not match our reviews, which are updated whenever necessary. If you’re interested in one of the models mentioned here, its full review will definitely be worth your attention.

Keep reading to find out whether Honda or Hyundai currently offers the stronger vehicle lineup.

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