Honda vs. Acura: Worth the Extra Cash in 2020?

Honda Civic, Acura ILX
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Affordability vs. Luxury: Who Come Out on Top?

As automotive experts, one thing we are asked quite often is, “Hey, isn’t ‘Brand Y’ just the luxury version of ‘Brand X.’” As much as it tries to create some distance, the connection between an automaker and its luxury division is inevitable. But for the car-buyer, is making the jump worth the money?

Honda builds sharp, reliable, and efficient cars. It has a diverse lineup ranging from hatchbacks and crossovers to hybrids and even a pickup truck (of sorts). Acura’s lineup is less diverse, but in some ways, more upscale, and even includes the NSX supercar.

Is the NSX enough to tip the scales in favor of Acura? That’s exactly what we’re going to examine, comparing these two lineups on things like price, performance, reliability, and a number of other attributes. From these matchups, we’ll determine if it’s actually worth the jump in price to go to the Acura brand. Please know that our scores may change over time, so check back often to U.S. News & World Report research pages to stay up on these changes.

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