High Tech Safety Features That Really Save Lives

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Which Safety Features Are Actually Worth Your Money?

As technology improves, advanced safety features are becoming available on more and more vehicles. Most started as options on luxury vehicles and are gradually becoming standard across many lineups. Additional technologies are still in the “beta” stage of testing and development. With so many new safety features available, how do we know which ones really save lives?

The list of these features is long and growing longer. The most common are antilock brakes, electronic stability control, airbags, front crash prevention, blind spot detection, lane departure warning and prevention, rear object detection and backover prevention, curve-adaptive headlights, and high-beam assist.

Many automakers offer the same types of technologies under a variety of different names. The different levels of warning and prevention technologies range from alerting the driver to controlling steering and braking. More advanced systems will provide increasing levels of self-driving and allow vehicles to communicate with one another and with road infrastructure.

We will look at each safety feature and provide information about those that have been proven to save lives.

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